The Bare Minimum (Or Less) – Week 7 Training Recap

There’s no two ways about it – my first week back from Nicaragua was rough on about a thousand different levels. I’ll be writing another post about that in the near future (sorry, Nicaragua posts are sooooo not done yet), but for now, just know that my motivation to do anything except look at myRead more


Trip to Nicaragua: The People and the Stories

Last we left off, I told you all about the bridge that the team from my company built in conjunction with Bridges to Prosperity and our awesome local volunteers. To be sure, the main reason why we went to Nicaragua (specifically, we were in El Zarzal, about 45 minutes from the city of Matagalpa) wasRead more


Building a Bridge in Nicaragua

Before I start, I need to give a massive shout-out to the amazing people at KUHL for sending me a ton of awesome clothes to help me stay cool, comfortable, and Zika-free while camping in Nicaragua for two weeks! Thank you guys so much! Since I’m still gathering my thoughts about the majority of myRead more


Back from Nicaragua!

Have you ever gotten home from a trip or an experience that was so amazing that when people asked you how it was, all you could say was “great?” And they’re like “great? That’s it?” and you feel too overwhelmed to even think of anything else to say? Well, that’s more or less how IRead more


Food Anxiety: Traveling with Dietary Restrictions

One of the best parts about traveling, whether domestically or abroad, is sampling new foods along the way. Food is a window to the heart of a culture, and it’s one of my favorite ways to experience a new place. If you have dietary restrictions for medical reasons, though, traveling can be a source ofRead more


How We Met

It occurred to me a few while ago that I have never talked about how my husband AJ and I met. People ask me a lot, and it’s kind of an interesting story, so I figured I would shared it here on the blog for your amusement and secondhand embarrassment – we had many cringe-worthyRead more