What to Do in Antigua

Thinking about visiting beautiful Antigua for the Run in Paradise Half Marathon and 5k, held annually on Memorial Day Weekend (Pssst…registration is open HERE!!!)? You should be! Whether the race itself or a relaxing beach vacation is the reason for your visit, you won’t regret your visit to this incredible island. Despite its popularity withRead more


The Pace vs Perception Problem

Just as quickly as I made the decision to start really training again for the half marathon, Week 1 of my training plan is over! Although I can’t promise that I will do training recaps every week (y’all know that’s not really my style), I did come up with an issue on my runs thisRead more


Run in Paradise Half Marathon Race Report

Have you entered my giveaway from Schneblies ®  yet? Go do it! The giveaway closes June 10 at 11:59 PM EDT. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, stretching every last second I possibly could out of a short night’s rest. With the van leaving for the race start at 4 am, I pulled onRead more


Back in the Game

Real quick – have you entered my giveaway from Schneblies ® yet? I haven’t worn a Garmin while running in a very, very long time. It’s been so long that I’m not even sure I could tell you, exactly – probably sometime in Spring 2015? For a long time after my back surgery (then recovery, then reinjury,Read more


Adventures in Antigua – Part 2

Real quick – have you entered my giveaway from Schneblies ® yet? Ok, so last we checked in, I was hitting the hay super early for race day. But this post is about what I did after the race, which was easily one of my favorites parts of the trip. After the race, I was feeling sortRead more


Passion Project: An Interview and a Giveaway!

Many people dream of finding their passion and using it to do good in the world, but that can be harder than it looks. Finding your passion is hard enough on its own sometimes, but using it to make a difference is something else entirely! For Schneblies ® founder Susie Sheftel (and me, too!), passionRead more