Food Anxiety: Traveling with Dietary Restrictions

One of the best parts about traveling, whether domestically or abroad, is sampling new foods along the way. Food is a window to the heart of a culture, and it’s one of my favorite ways to experience a new place. If you have dietary restrictions for medical reasons, though, traveling can be a source ofRead more


How We Met

It occurred to me a few while ago that I have never talked about how my husband AJ and I met. People ask me a lot, and it’s kind of an interesting story, so I figured I would shared it here on the blog for your amusement and secondhand embarrassment – we had many cringe-worthyRead more


The Case of the Missing Long Run – Training Recap Week 5

The last week before leaving for Nicaragua was definitely a busy one, and I wanted to run as much as possible before my trip without causing my back to freak out. Easier said than done! Although 6 runs were technically on the schedule this week (I count my weeks as Monday – Sunday), there wasRead more

05-28-A 27

What 4 Days Without Make-Up Taught Me

I have been wearing makeup with consistency, in some form or fashion, since I was about 11 years old. That’s not to say I was allowed to wear makeup as a kid – I wasn’t, so it often involved sneaking into my mother’s bathroom when she was at work to put on some mascara –Read more


Off to Nicaragua!

So, as you are reading this, I am on my way to Central Nicaragua with 11 of my co-workers from all across the U.S. to build a pedestrian suspension bridge for charity. As I have mentioned before, I am an environmental scientist. I am not a bridge engineer or construction manager. To be completely honest,Read more


The Little Things – Training Week 4 Recap

I think I’m actually enjoying writing up these little training logs in spite of myself. I normally find this kind of thing boring, but writing about it has been helpful to reflect on what I’m doing well each week and where I can improve. I also love hearing your feedback and suggestions on training tips,Read more