Prague Marathon Training, Week 5

This was my first week back at home after New Zealand, and to be honest…running around my neighborhood is just not the same as surrounded by the mountains and water. Luckily, I had my first race of the year to look forward to on Saturday – the Green Valley 10 Miler! I’m getting more andRead more


Day Hiking in the Mountains of Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand is a mountain lover’s paradise. The quaint town sits on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by towering mountains that seem to rise directly out of the water. Driving through this portion of the South Island of New Zealand, you will regularly have your breath taken away by the snow-capped,Read more


How to Pack Two Weeks of Toiletries in a Carry-On

I’m so glad you guys love reading packing tips, because I sure love writing them! By popular demand, I am talking today about how to pack two weeks worth of toiletries in a carry-on. I was surprised to have so many people request this topic, but clearly, the restrictions on liquids are really challenging! InRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 4

Lucky me, we spent this week in New Zealand, too! Although two weeks might seem like a long trip to some people (my mom says it feels like we’ve been gone forever), there is really so much to see and do here that we are struggling to find the time to take in even oneRead more


How to Choose a Destination Race

There are a lot of wonderful things about racing close to home: the familiarity, the ease of logistics, sleeping in your own bed, and the support of your family and friends! However, running is a fantastic way to see a new place and a great excuse to travel. It’s no wonder that more and moreRead more