Making Running Fun Again

It’s no secret that I don’t write about running nearly as much as I used to. I also don’t run nearly as much as I used to. There’s been a variety of reasons for that in recent years: I had back surgery that ultimately led me to give up marathons, I’ve struggled with stomach problemsRead more


Tales from the Trail: Nepal

I’ve already shown you pictures of Nepal and talked a little bit about the logistics and practical side of what it’s like to trek the Ruby Valley Trail and go off the beaten path. More posts are on the way about the Tamang Cultural Heritage Trail and my time in Kathmandu, but today, I wantRead more


Life with ED, Part 10: A Light Bulb Moment

Disclaimer: This is a series of posts about my experiences with anorexia and bulimia.  Many of the things I discuss could be extremely triggering if you are dealing with an eating disorder, so please read at your own risk. I am not an doctor or a therapist. I am simply telling you my story. PleaseRead more


Nepal Off the Beaten Path: Ruby Valley Trail

When I pictured visiting Nepal, I pictured two things: snowcapped mountains (of course) and interacting with the local people. While one of those goals is pretty much going to happen no matter where you decide to trek in Nepal, the other is largely based on which trek you choose to do. The most popular trailsRead more


Nepal in Pictures

I’m back from my ultimate bucket list trip to Nepal, and I have to say…it was pretty much everything I hoped it would be. I even made it back in almost one piece! More on that in a few photos. I will be doing quite a few posts about my trip with lots of differentRead more


What to Do in Nevis

If you’re thinking of visiting the beautiful Caribbean island of Nevis, lucky you! Though it may be little, it is fierce; the island packs a ton of punch into 36 square miles. There’s a ton of things to do on this laid back little island, and you’ll never be bored (unless you want to be,Read more