Brighton 10k Race Report

As the sun set on the Fowlmead 12-Hour Challenge, we began the long drive back to Lisa and Graham’s house. Dinner was delicious but late, and we ended up getting something like 5 hours of sleep before waking up bright and early for the Brighton Marathon and 10k the next day. We were able toRead more


Fowlmead 12-Hour Challenge Race Report

Sometimes, friendship leads you into strange and wonderful adventures. I’ve found this is usually the case for me, but that could be because I have strange and wonderful friends. When I decided to head to England to celebrate my friend Lisa’s 100th and 101st marathons, literally the only thing I had worked out was myRead more


London Calling

Y’all, I have so many wonderful things to tell you about my trip and so many race reports, I don’t even know where to begin! Actually, I do, because doing things out of chronological order gives me hives. I’m back from England and playing catch up on life, which I’m apparently terrible at. Oh well.Read more


Finding Consistency in Running

For the most part, I feel like running is an activity where you pretty much get out of it what you put into it. Yes, some people have more natural talent than others and have a greater capacity for speed and endurance, but in general, if you train consistently, you will improve. If you don’tRead more


BYOZ: Bring Your Own Zen

Before I traveled a lot, I ran a lot. And when I ran a lot, people used to frequently ask me why. More specifically, they’d laugh and say, “What are you running from?” It was a joke, but behind every joke there is a bit of truth. Everyone assumed that the only reason someone wouldRead more



We’ve got a big travel news announcement over here today! Maybe you guessed it from the title, but I’m obviously going to Morocco! Haaaaaa, I am so tricky. No, really, I’m going to London! Hooray! Ok, so I’m not¬†really¬†going to London itself, BUT…drum roll please…I am headed to England for a long weekend ONE WEEKRead more