Life Lately: July 2016

It’s July, which is really exciting, because that means it’s almost August. Which means it’s almost September, which means it’s almost fall! I don’t know why, but July has always made me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the summer weather, since it’s been hot here in SC for several months now. I know that’s not the most logical thing, but that’s how I’ve always thought about it. Anyway, I wanted to catch y’all up on the latest of the nitty-gritty of my life since I haven’t done that in a few months!

TravelingIt’s hard to believe, but I am headed to Nicaragua for my company’s charity trip this Saturday! The time has flown by and it’s been a busy few months of trying to prepare. Although I don’t really get very nervous about travel anymore, this trip has really spiked my anxiety for reasons I’ll discuss in a post later this week. We’ll be spending two weeks camping in the Nicaraguan jungle while we build a pedestrian suspension bridge, and it’s definitely unlike any trip I’ve ever taken before. I’m extremely excited, but nervous, too! More on that to come this week.

Matagalpa is the closest town to where we’ll be in Nicaragua – it looks gorgeous! About 50 minutes from where we’ll be.

Running: I’m sure you know more right now about my running than you ever hoped to know thanks to my recent training posts, so I won’t put in a ton of extra details here. I am trying to run a little bit more than usual before I leave for Nicaragua, since I decided I’ll be taking the full two weeks off of running while I’m there. My reasons for that are numerous: 1) I’m not really sure there will be anywhere to run since we’ll be in the middle of nowhere/the jungle; 2) I am already schlepping a ton of gear and supplies down with me and my running shoes would take up seriously limited space; 3) We’ll be working 10 hours a day outside in the hot, humid air and I probably won’t have a ton of extra energy; and most importantly, 4) I think my time is going to be better spent getting to know the locals and enjoying time with my team. This is a unique opportunity and every hour is precious – running doesn’t seem like the best way to spend my time in this particular situation.

Me and T-Rex Mom on my long run this past weekend! One of these people is sweatier than the other.

Reading: I’m in the middle of a truly incredible book right now: Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. The novel is based on the life experiences of the author and follows an escaped convict as he moves to Bombay and tries to build a new life in the city’s slums. I hesitated to read the book because it is nearly 1000 pages long, but it was recommended to me by a friend, and I have to say – WOW. I have been glued to every page and although I’m 80% done, I am truly going to be sad to see it end. It’s exciting and emotional and funny and truly one of the best books I’ve ever read – and it’s making me really want to go to India!

Eating: Zucchini and tomatoes! Oh my gosh, more zucchini than I can count. As predicted by longtime reader Art, my neighbor has learned of my love of zucchini and has been giving me tons from his garden. I’m not complaining – I’m eating it at pretty much every meal! He gave me the biggest zucchini I’ve ever seen – it was literally bigger than my head. It did not fit in my spiralizer.

The zucchini on the left is the one my neighbor gave me. The one on the right is one I bought at the supermarket.

Planning: I’m the logistics coordinator for my company’s trip to Nicaragua, so I’ve been doing a ton of research for that trip to make sure all of our bases are covered. You guys know what a psycho I am about researching and planning out every aspect of my trips – well, when I’m doing it for my actual job, it’s multiplied by 1000! I may or may not have sent a two page long email detailing the pros and cons and various types of mosquito repellents and laying out a 4-pronged strategy of attack to avoid mosquito bites while on the trip. I mean, you guys know how much I hate mosquitos, but this is excessive even for me. I may or may not have spent over $100 on mosquito-related supplies for the trip.

Wearing: So, a few weeks ago, I went to TJ Maxx with the intention of buying new shorts. I left with this sweet pizza tank top instead.

At $7, it was a steal.

And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ve been living in my KUHL gear for hiking and anything remotely outdoors and my DanaLouFIT leggings for barre. I know I say it all the time, but I really do sweat a ton when I workout, especially in this heat. It’s a huge source of anxiety and occasional embarrassment for me, so having comfortable gear is extremely important. It doesn’t hurt when it looks great, too!

WorkingSlightly less than I used to, sort of! My day job has been stable, although it might get crazy pretty soon. I’m down to teaching 5-6 classes a week at barre, which feels perfect and not at all overwhelming. However, I’ve really picked up my freelance assignments in the past month, so I’ve been very busy in that department. I’m also working ahead to make sure all of my assignments are done before I leave, and I’m trying my hardest to get some blog posts written in advance so it won’t be radio silence around here for two weeks!

Loving: I’m really loving taking daily walks with my dog and AJ. My commitment to moving more has led to me becoming obsessed with getting 10,000 steps a day, which is really benefitting my dog. He can be very aggressive towards other animals, so we did not walk him much in our old neighborhood, but now that he has a fenced yard, he seems to be more understanding of the limits of his territory for whatever reason, and he has calmed down to the point that we can walk him (carefully). He absolutely loves it and it’s nice to spend the quality time together, plus it’s helping keep him at a healthy weight. Now if only I didn’t sweat completely through my clothes every time we walked, that would be great.

We also got Rocket an inflatable pool so he can cool off after his walks and whenever he feels like it. We are all obsessed with it.

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