Man, where does the time go? It’s like I blink and the week is over and it’s 10 pm on Sunday night and I realize that I haven’t posted anything about my training in weeks. It might lead you to believe I gave up training for my as-yet-to-be-determined marathon, but I haven’t! In fact, these past two weeks of training have been my strongest so far.

Week of February 26: 6 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles, 16 miles

Week of March 2: 6 miles, 6 miles, 4 miles, 18 miles

Add in 3 epic strength workouts (including a deadlift PR!) and about 12 hours total of intense yardwork, and I’m feeling…well, tired! My long runs have both gone extremely well – 16 miles done at 9:59 pace and 18 miles done at 9:55. I’m thrilled with both! My shorter runs have been going well also, and are usually done at around 9:30 pace – sometimes a little faster or a little slower, normally depending on what time of day I run.

Feeling great after my 16 miler!

Truth be told, after a much better February (January was really rough), our foster son is having a tough March so far. The past two weeks have been pretty challenging and my mental energy has been absorbed by staying positive, controlled, and connected throughout the day. There have definitely been plenty of good moments and even some good days, but overall, we have had some struggles recently and usually the last thing I want to do at night is open my computer and write. I know that this phase will pass soon enough, so I don’t dwell on it. It is what it is.

As I mentioned above, I still have not chosen a marathon yet. It really kind of depends on the plans of some other people involved, but I will decide next weekend! I can tell you that the finalists are the Oklahoma City Marathon and the New Jersey Marathon – and no, they have no idea they are in a competition, haha! Both are the same day (April 29) and I definitely will be doing one of them. I have never run either race before! Oklahoma City is attractive because many of my friends from Tulsa are also doing the race, while New Jersey would be a new marathon state for me. I’m getting really excited about marathon weekend! My body is feeling strong and I’ve had no issues with my back so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

So, in a slightly hilarious and ridiculous story, I recently bought a pair of Air Relax compression boots. I really wanted some, but couldn’t justify the cost of a new pair – they’re about $400 (the Normatec version is $1500!). So, being the occasionally frugal individual that I am, I found a “like new” pair on eBay from a reputable seller and purchased those. They were the old model, but no matter – surely they would work fine, right? WRONG.


I put them on, started them up, and…they literally exploded. As in they started filling up with air and just never stopped. The zippers of the boots burst open and broke! I sat there in shock – I mean, my thighs aren’t that big, are they? Talk about a blow to the ego! Luckily, the eBay seller refunded me completely. I ended up ordering a new pair from the Air Relax website and they’ve been completely fine, so I guess it must have just been a defective pair! I’m loving them now (and using them as I write this). Hopefully they will help my legs recover faster for the rest of training – 7 weeks to go!

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