After last week’s shoe debacle and subsequent foot pain, I was unsure of how my week would go. With a race planned for Saturday and a foot that was still aching, I figured I would take it day by day.

Monday, February 5 – 4 miles: My new insoles arrived Monday and I was able to exchange my shoes for a larger size, so even though my foot wasn’t feeling 100%, I felt confident in going for a run. I knew that the reason my foot was hurting was because of the insoles I bought at Fleet Feet. It turns out, I was right! I did 4 solid miles at 9:28 pace, which was pretty exciting after taking a week off. My foot didn’t feel any better or worse afterwards, and it didn’t hurt more than normal during.

Tuesday, February 6 – strength training: I had great intentions of running on Tuesday, but it didn’t end up working out as I planned, so I hit the gym instead. The main focus of my workout on Tuesday was squats! As in 100 of them – 10 sets of 10. Since I can’t use a barbell over my shoulders, I used a squat machine. I did 3 set of 10 at 50 pounds, 3 sets at 100 pounds, and 4 sets at 150 pounds. Nothing crazy, but I felt a nice burn!

Wednesday, February 7 – 5 miles: With my foot continuing to get better, I felt confident that I was out of the woods. Pearce and I got together on Wednesday and ended up running 5 miles at 9:36 pace. Our schedules haven’t been lining up much lately, so it was nice to finally be able to catch up! It’s so much easier to run when you have someone to talk to (at least, in my opinion).

Thursday, February 8 – 6 miles: Six sweaty lunchtime miles on Thursday at a 9:41 pace. It was on this run that I started thinking about doing my long run on Friday afternoon instead of doing the race I was signed up for on Saturday. If that sounds insane, stick with me. The forecast was calling for pouring rain the entire weekend. The race, which I did last year, is 10 miles long, and I had 14 miles on my schedule. So, I would have had to wake up early, run a race by myself in the rain, and then run another 4 miles by myself. The race entry fee was super cheap, so it was easy to convince myself to scrap it, but I figured I would see how things unfolded on Friday.

Friday, February 9 – 14 miles: I had a super busy day at work on Friday, but I was determined to get everything on my list done so that I could get out for my run. I just really did not want to wake up early and drive far to run in the rain by myself! I’m awful. I took a couple of hours of PTO in the afternoon and decided to head out for my run. It was unseasonably warm (60 and very sunny), and I ended up running a very hilly route because I was too lazy to drive to the flat trail – I know, I’m the worst. BUT! My run actually went very well, all things considered. I wasn’t super confident when I started because I missed my long run last week due to my foot, and increasing my long run from 10 miles two weeks ago to 14 miles seemed like a lot. However, I figured all I could do was try and see how it went, and if I ended up with 12, I could live with that. Well, I’m not gonna lie –  I was exhausted by the end, but I did it! My overall pace was 10:15 and I’m very happy with that.

When you’re too tired to pose for a picture, you lay down.

Saturday, February 10 – strength training: I was super pleased with my decision to do my long run on Friday when I woke up to the rain, warmth, and humidity on Saturday. Yuck! It was the perfect day to hit the gym. I used a lot of different machines and also worked on my bench press a little bit. Y’all might remember that before my shoulder surgery, bench press was my favorite and I was working my way up to 135 lbs! Well, not anymore. It consistently hurts my shoulder, but it’s getting better. I was able to do 85 lbs for 3 reps. I’ll get back there eventually!

Sunday, February 11 – OFF: I was definitely ready for an off day. Gotta love that about marathon training!

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