Week 2 of living my “best” single parent life and…well…can someone tell AJ’s boss not to do this to me again? Especially not for two weeks? Great, thanks. Oh, and I hurt my foot this week, so everything is going GREAT. Good thing AJ is home now! My foot, on the other hand…womp womp.

Monday, January 29 – 4 miles: I don’t want to brag, but I’m like totally getting faster. I mean, the bar is admittedly low, but whatever. Pearce and I managed 4 miles this morning at 9:43 pace – our first time breaking into the 9:40s this training cycle! We’re making progress and it feels good. I may or may not have been fueled by a need to get out of the house after a tough weekend of single parenting. I spent my lunch break on Monday getting fitted for new running shoes – they stopped making my favorite HOKAs! I tried a bunch of different brands but ultimately decided on the HOKA Bondi 5s. Hopefully they will be kind to my back this training cycle!

Tuesday, January 30 – 5 miles: First run in my new shoes! I had a bit of a twinge on the side of my foot (under my ankle), but it went away after a few steps. Maybe my new shoes have a little magic in them, because this was my fastest run of the training cycling so far! I had an overall pace of 9:22 and my first mile under 9 minutes – 8:56! In fact, I had my three fastest miles of the training cycle during this run. It’s so exciting to see progress!

Fast shoes and shorts weather! Ok, just kidding, I was FREEZING and it was a poor clothing choice.

Wednesday, January 31 – strength training: WOMP WOMP. Well, my fastest run might have been my last, because I woke up this morning with an aching left foot! It’s definitely not good enough to run on, but luckily, I have a strength workout today. It hurts a good bit to walk, but it’s ok when I’m just standing. Squats were the name of the game, and even though I’m not able to put a barbell across my shoulders because of my back, I was able to use a squat machine and do some weighted work for a change. I guess I’m trying to make my butt even bigger than it already is?

Thursday, February 1 – OFF: TRIPLE WHOMP. My foot hurts so bad today that I can’t put any weight on it except for my tiptoes. After thinking about it and where it hurts (it’s now more towards the outside of my heel), I think it may be due to the new insoles I bought. The insoles I had in my old shoes were about 4 years old (I KNOW, I know), and I decided to buy new ones when I bought my shoes. In hindsight, I should have just ordered the same ones I already had, but that would have been too much work, so instead, I bought the kind they sell at Fleet Feet. NOT a good move. UGH!

Friday, February 2 – strength training: My foot is still throbbing, but I figured I could go to the gym and just keep the weight off it (i.e. no lunges or anything like that). I forced myself to do exactly the type of upper body workout I hate – a hard one – and lots of backbody and ab work. That will teach me to mess my foot up!

Saturday, February 3 – OFF: My foot is finally feeling better, but it’s definitely not good enough to run on. I am not going to run again until my new insoles (the same kind as my old ones) come on Monday, though, so I guess I’m resting. So frustrating!

Sunday, February 4 – OFF: Sigh. Hopefully my foot will be back to normal tomorrow and my new insoles will come! Oh well – if there is a good time to have a “hiccup” in a training cycle, it’s at the beginning, right?

LEAVE A COMMENT: Do you use insoles? Are your feet super sensitive to new shoes?

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