I lived my best single parent life this week while AJ was out of town for work. And by “my best single parent life” I mean that I tried not to drink an entire bottle of wine every single day while he was gone. I often work out in the mornings before work or in the afternoons after work, depending on who is responsible for picking up our foster son from aftercare, so being the only parent made things a little challenging this week. My workouts pretty much had to be at lunch time out of necessity, and although I didn’t work out as many days of the week this week, I did get all my “usual” workouts in (4 runs and 2 strength sessions). I also got a cortisone shot from my surgeon on Monday, so I’m hoping that will help my shoulder work out the lingering inflammation soon.

Monday, January 22 – 4 mile run: AJ didn’t leave til Monday afternoon, so I got in one last morning run with Pearce before he left. They were 4 totally unremarkable miles, but I will say that I didn’t feel quite as slow as I usually do in the mornings – perhaps because it was a good bit warmer. The overall pace was 10:12 – not bad!

Tuesday, January 23 – strength training and 5 mile run: Thanks to my gym being so close, I was able to rush over after dropping the kiddo off at school and before work. I managed to squeeze in about 45 minutes and tried to mix it up a little bit. I did a bunch of squats and deadlifts, but also added some clamshells with a band tied around my legs to work my hips. I even did some ab work, which I loathe and despise. If only it wasn’t so important for runners! At lunch, Pearce and I squeezed in 5 miles in the sunshine. I’ve been struggling on the first two miles of most runs lately, and today was no exception, but we ended up at a 9:51 pace overall and a 9:19 mile thrown in the middle!

Wednesday, January 24 – strength training: Two strength workouts in a row was not ideal, but that’s the way my schedule ended up working this week. I tried to mix the leg workouts up, so I focused more on weighted lunges and hamstring work. The hardest thing for me is to sequence the different movements in a way that makes sense (i.e., coming up with the idea to do weighted lunges and then use those weights to do bicep curls in between sets of lunges). Personal trainer, I am not, but I try!

Thursday, January 25 – 5 mile run: Brace yourselves, but I managed another run under 10 minute pace! Today’s 5 miles were at 9:52 pace with a 9:15 mile – my fastest of the training cycle. I am really starting to feel the improvements in my fitness and it is exciting! I’m not where I want to be, but it is definitely getting better.

Friday, January 26 – 10 mile run: Friday was exciting because COACH BOBBI CAME TO VISIT, YAY!! I took the day off and we did the week’s long run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, ate lunch, and shopped. The run felt like it absolutely flew by thanks to the good company and perfect weather! We managed a 9:52 pace – first long run under 10 minute pace, which was awesome! I don’t often run on the SRT simply because I’m lazy and it is not literally right outside my front door, so this was a great change of scenery.

Love running through downtown with this lady!

Saturday, January 27 – OFF: I took the kiddo up to North Carolina for the day so we could go snow tubing! We met up with my cousin and his kids, and good times were had by all. The place was a very odd mix of the type of things you’d see at a miniature golf course (think giant gorilla statues and random fake dinosaur bones), plus a giant hill of manmade snow. It was really bizarre, but fun!

Sunday, January 28 – OFF: Rainy day plus no childcare equals a lazy day on the couch writing this post. Oh well, I got all my workouts in for the week!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What do you do when you need to adjust your schedule to accommodate extra days off? Do you try and squeeze your workouts in on the other days, or skip them?

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