Workout Wrap-Up: Week of January 8, 2018

Monday, January 8 – 4 mile run: School got cancelled today. Why? I have no idea. There was allegedly a “winter weather advisory,” yet my Weather Channel app said there was 0% of precipitation. That’s life in the South for you. Just in case my foster son’s aftercare program wasn’t open for daycare (it was, thankfully!) I decided to get my run in early and met Pearce in the freezing cold. We managed 4 miles during my first early morning run in a long time, with an average pace of 10:28. I was just happy my legs were moving at all!

Tuesday, January 9 – strength training (legs): If there’s one thing I hate more than running in the early morning, it’s strength training in the early morning. Alas, my foster son had an appointment after school and I had mentoring at lunch, so morning was the only time it could happen. I decided to hit legs today and focused on tons of squats, lunges, and side-stepping band work after being inspired by Allie. I know that I need to keep my core (including glutes and hips) super strong if I have any hope of making through this training cycle in one piece, but that doesn’t make it fun! Fortunately, I was joined in the gym by all of my best friends, which helped make it less miserable.

img_0403-576x1024-1-2 Just me and my besties at the gym

Wednesday, January 10 – 5 mile run: Woof, I did not want to do this run! I am not really sure what my issue was, but I just was not feeling it. It didn’t help that I knew Pearce couldn’t go with me. Once you get used to running with other people, it’s hard not to, even if it is nice sometimes to be by yourself. I did eventually get out the door and managed my fastest run of the training cycle (the whole 10 days of it, I know) so far! My average pace was 9:54, which was really exciting because that’s more than a minute per mile faster than my first run back last week! I wish I could say it felt easy, but it didn’t – but I did get into the zone. I also only took one walk break. Mission accomplished!

Thursday, January 11 – 3 mile run: Another solo run – this time in the rain and cold! Boo. I ran in the morning before work and it felt…well…hard. But I did it, albeit slowly! Some days it is just about checking a run off the list and getting it done. Average pace was 10:21.

Friday, January 12 – strength training: Even though I’m not currently working with my personal trainer (#medicalbills), I happened to run into him at the gym on Friday afternoon, and he gave me some great tips! He recommended I do full-body workouts when I go to the gym since I’m only going a couple times a week, rather than focusing on one area of the body at a time – as I used to do when I went 5 days a week. He gave me suggestions for some combinations I can do, too! So I got a great workout on Friday, and it helped me feel a lot better about training. I really haven’t enjoyed training upper body since hurting my shoulder, so knowing that I get to do some lower body each time I go to the gym is exciting!

Saturday, January 13 – 7 mile run: Another freezing weekend meant Pearce and I once again did our long run in the middle of the afternoon! It’s not many times of year that we’re able to do that, living in the South, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. The 7 miles felt easy once I got warmed up, and we ended up going a few seconds faster than last week! Overall pace of 10:18. Of course, when taking our victorious post-run photo for Instagram, I somehow threw out my shoulder (that will be the last time I attempt a jumping pose for a while). Can I ever win??

img_0415-1024x1024-1-2 Hooray for 7 miles! No hooray for my fragile shoulder.

Sunday, January 14 – OFF: I actually found myself wishing I could work out today. Don’t worry, this won’t last long!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Are you back to freezing weather again? Anyone else do their long runs during the warmest part of the day?