Workout Roundup: Week of October 23, 2017

This week brought my first race since the Wine Country Half Marathon back in July! It’s really hard to believe it has been that long, but I guess between my trip to the Tour du Mont Blanc and becoming a foster parent, time got away from me! This was an exciting week, full of PRs in the gym, a new trophy, and of course, the half marathon! Let’s get to it.

Monday, October 23,  personal training – chest and back: The main thing I remember about Monday’s workout is being annoyed by how limited I was by my shoulder. I am trying to focus on getting a workout in that is the best of my abilities as they currently are and not worrying abut what they used to be, but sometimes that’s easier than others. In this workout, I was busy being annoyed by my weights being cut 50-75% and just didn’t have a great attitude. I vowed to change that for the rest of the week!

Tuesday, October 24, 4 mile run: Mornings this week have been COLD and dark! Pearce and I only had a couple runs on the schedule for this week thanks to getting ready for the half marathon. I had plans after work that prevented me from going to the gym, and I mentor at lunch on Tuesdays, so a run was all I could get in for the day. It went well and I felt like Saturday would be a good running day!

Wednesday, October 25, personal training – legs, kickball: Man, I crushed leg day this week! It has been a few solid weeks in a row, but this week, I hit a new milestone – I set a PR on the single leg press! A few months ago, I was able to do 180 pounds on the single leg press, but then, I suddenly started having trouble with that weight or even 135 pounds. I don’t do that machine often, but wasn’t successful at breaking through my plateau until this week, when I hit 225 pounds! It was pretty exciting and while it was super challenging, I did it!

Then, we had kickball playoffs on Wednesday night. If we won our games, we would be playing 3 games in one night. Originally, I was only going to be kicking and running since I can’t throw the ball because of my shoulder, but then, one of our girls got hurt and I had to play catcher. The horror!! We won our first game by 10, but the second game ended up being 14 INNINGS LONG. It was almost a 2 hour long game! We were down by a lot but came back (I scored a few runs to help!) and then the teams ended up in a deadlock tie that lasted for 7 innings. Finally, we won! Then, it was on to the championship. I played catcher the entire game (although fortunately didn’t have to do much – would have been a disaster) and we ended up winning!! Back to back kickball champs!

This picture makes AJ look especially tall and me look especially short. I’m 5’6″, he’s just a giant.

Thursday, October 26, personal training – biceps, triceps, and shoulders: Gosh, you ever have those days that just suck at the gym? I don’t very often, but this was one of them. Everything felt hard – even weights that are normally easy. I just wanted it to be over!

Friday, October 27, personal training – deadlifts: I was supposed to run on Friday morning also but woke up with a horrible migraine that was making me extremely dizzy. I was having a hard time getting dressed and putting my clothes on, let alone running! So, I took some of my emergency migraine meds and back to bed I went. I felt a lot better after a few more hours of sleep and made it to the gym during my lunch break. Friday’s great workout made up for Thursday’s crappy one! My deadlifts are sloowwwwly but surely getting stronger. I have to be super careful with them because of my back, but I was able to do 115 pounds without any twinges or anything this week. Sumo squats with a 70 pound kettlebell, too!

Saturday, October 28, Spinx Runfest Half Marathon: Ahh, race day! I have to say, it is so nice to do hometown races. The race didn’t start til 8, so Pearce and I didn’t have to leave til 7. They have changed the course a LOT since I ran the marathon in 2015, and the half marathon is now a beautiful tour of some of Greenville’s nicest neighborhoods and parks. It’s also SUPER hilly! Pearce and I had a great time running together and actually finished a few minutes faster than we expected – 2:07:29. Hopefully I’ll get a race report up this week!

Finished on the field at Greenville’s baseball stadium!

Sunday, October 29, OFF: A rest day well earned!

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