Workout Roundup: Week of September 25, 2017

This week was all about the unplanned rest day! AJ was out of town for work from Sunday through Friday night, so I was living my best single parent life all week. As a result, I definitely didn’t have as much time to workout! Still, I thought I could get in a workout every day. Sometimes, life just throws a wrench into your plans, and this week that happened in the form of back pain and an unexpectedly busy day. I still managed to get in 4 days of workouts, but it’s not exactly what I had hoped for. Oh well!

Monday, September 25, personal training – deadlifts: Deadlifts is quickly turning into one of my favorite days of the week. I’m still barely doing any weight, but it feels like a lot to me! I did 5 sets of 10 at 100 pounds for stiff legged deadlift and then a bunch of other variations with lighter weight. I never fail to get sore from deadlift day!

Tuesday, September 26, 3 mile run, personal training – light full upper body: I intended to just do an easy three mile run, but I ended up doing a progression run! I didn’t have much time to work out, and I ended getting faster each mile, with my last mile being 8:50! Exciting stuff. I headed to the gym at lunch. Since my shoulder has been getting progressively worse, we’ve back way off on weight and are only doing the exercises my physical therapist recommended. The highlight of my workout was watching a client getting into a full-blown screaming match with her trainer over a workout she didn’t want to do. Who does that?


Wednesday, September 27, 2017, unplanned rest: Oops! Things got crazy with work and I had scheduled an emergency massage appointment to try and work on my shoulder, so I was not able to work out at lunch. Oh well! It was probably for the best anyway because the massage therapist told me my shoulder is extremely inflamed and I needed to rest it anyway. (Getting an MRI next week, btw!)

The awkward evidence of the cupping my massage therapist did! OUCH.

Thursday, September 28, 3 mile run, personal training – legs: Thursday’s run was nothing special, but 3 miles was the best I could do in the short time I had between dropping off our foster son and needing to get to work. So, 3 miles it was! Personal training was leg day and I literally did over 200 lunges and 200 squats. I don’t ever do squats with weight because I’m not supposed to have weight directly on my spine (aka a barbell across my shoulders), but you definitely start to feel any squat after 200 of them.

Friday, September 29, unplanned OFF: I woke up on Friday with terrible back pain for no obvious reason. Leg day, maybe? I have no idea. I had a pre-work physical therapy appointment for my shoulder and tried to work out at lunch, hoping to just get an arm workout in, but I was in too much pain. I left the gym after 5 minutes. SAD!

Saturday, September 30, Yom Kippur: Fasting from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday plus services on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar = no workout! My back was still bothering me so oh well. I did pretty well with fasting (no food or water!) until about 4 pm on Saturday afternoon, and then I started slowly losing my mind. I think I would have eaten my own arm and drank my own blood if I had had to go another day, but I did it!

Sunday, October 1, 9 mile long run + 1 mile with the kiddo: I wasn’t sure how my back would feel during my planned long run with Pearce, so I was prepared to cut our run short if needed. Fortunately, I felt better after warming up and we ended up having our best long run so far! The low-50s temps definitely helped. My sweet foster son wanted to run with me today also, so we did a mile together later in the afternoon. Chalk it up to 10 miles for the day! Of course, now my back hurts, but oh well.

You know it’s fall when we can get away with sleeves AND capris! Also, this was preceded by literally 40 failed jumping pictures. We eventually gave up.

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