Random Thoughts Round Up

Hi! I’m back from hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc and I have so much to show and tell you. But I also need to get a bunch of pictures from my friends before I can do that (it’s for your benefit, I promise). And although it is Monday and I therefore owe you a workout roundup, I didn’t do much working out last week thanks to all the traveling, so instead, you get my random thoughts. Hooray for you?

1) I fell down the rabbit hole of 90s R&B: If you have not yet had the sheer pleasure and utter joy of watching Todrick Hall’s incredible 90s mashup, please stop what you are doing right now and watch it. I saw Todrick on Broadway and he is probably the most talented human being on the planet. The 90s are also the best musical years of our time, but I might be biased. Anyway.

So I’ve watched this video literally 40 times since it came out and it sent me down a deep, dark rabbit hole of 90s R&B music. Who can resist a Boyz II Men harmony? Not I. Long story short, I started googling Boyz II Men tour dates and before I knew it, I was screaming along to Whitney Houston with a single tear rolling down my cheek. It got really weird, guys. But also, who is coming to Vegas to see Boyz II Men with me?

2. Wearing fall clothes in the summer does not magically change the weather: I was talking to my best friend Lauren about this because we both are afflicted with the same unfortunate condition. She and I both apparently let our brains convince us that if we just put on fall clothes, like sweaters and boots, the weather will suddenly turn cooler to accommodate us. As it turns out, that is not how it works. Instead, I’m walking through the Costco parking lot sweating profusely in my jeans and sweater and find myself angry at the sun. Not rational.

3. I have developed an irrational fear of lice: I don’t think the idea of lice ever really occurred to me until I went to Nepal last year. I never got it as a kid, and I didn’t know anyone who did, so I didn’t think much about it until sleeping on not-the-world’s-cleanest-bedding for 2 weeks in Nepal. Then, I became fixated on it. And now, as we prepare to accept our first foster child, I think about it all the time. I am googling way more than any sane person who does not yet have a lice issue should ever google. You guys, do you know what lice look like? BECAUSE NOW I DO AND I CAN NEVER UNSEE IT. Please send me all your lice-curing ideas preemptively. Thank you in advance.

That awkward moment when you have already gone through the lice cycle of grief but no one you know has lice.

4. Sugar addictions are hard to break: I had pretty much stopped eating any type of dessert or candy before leaving to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc, and I was really feeling good about it. I have a major sweet tooth, so not constantly craving chocolate was a huge victory for me. Inevitably, trying to stay alive on the trail in between meals ended up involving a lot more candy bars than I’d care to admit to, since that was pretty much all we could buy at the little refuges on the trail. I am now back to a full blown sugar addiction and it is ugly. I just need to white knuckle it through a few days of no dessert before the cravings will go away, but I obviously can’t do that until I’ve eaten all the candy I have left from my trip. Doing something mature like throwing it away is not happening.

5. I’m really annoying myself: You know when you’re just annoying, and you know it? I’m in the middle of that right now. I am annoying myself on many different levels. One of the big reasons for that is just the anticipation of the final count down for foster care to start. I’m not gonna lie – as excited as I am about becoming foster parents (potentially at the end of this week!) I’m also extremely nervous. I’m stressing out over absurd things (see above re: head lice) and am just generally in a frenzy that is making me want to shut down, hide in a hole, and eat tons of M&Ms until the child arrives at our house. I figured that AJ was probably starting to get anxious too, so the other night, I started expressing my worries to him and asked “Are you nervous too?” And he just shrugged and said “Nope.” At least one of us is sane.

My reactions to myself every second of every day lately

6. Unpopular opinion – I’m genuinely creeped out by Taylor Swift’s new song: Confession – I used to be an unapologetic Taylor Swift fanatic. Her first four albums (up through Red) got me through more sad relationships and weird moments than I care to admit. Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly ambivalent but still generally liked her music. This latest song, though, is just creepy. I feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack to a murder, and I’m not into it. I’ll inevitably still become addicted to it anyway, but for right now, I just think it’s bizarre. I miss the old Taylor and the way-too-many-songs-about-kissing-in-the-rain.

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