Normally when I write a “Currently” post, I tell you all about the things and products that I’m loving lately. Instead, I thought I’d change things up a bit and tell you the things I’m NOT loving, because there seem to be a lot more of those. I’m going to leave out summer, because that goes without saying. I just keep telling myself “It’s almost September, it’s almost September, it’s almost September.” Not that it is cool in September where I live…but at least it’s that much closer to November. Anyway, here is some stuff that is annoying me lately.

My dog and his cone: Poor little Rocket had a tumor on his foot, and like the unobservant parents that we are, we didn’t notice until it had basically taken over his paw. Actually, we never noticed – the vet told us when they were giving him a bath and found it. In our defense, it was on the leg where he tore his ACL last year, so he always limps on that leg anyway and nothing seemed any different. Anyway, it had to be surgically removed, which meant stitches, which means the cone of shame. My dog, magnificent and beautiful creature that he is, has never been smart or particularly coordinated. Adding a giant plastic cone has not helped matters. He runs into everything, but mostly the backs of my legs. He also has figured out a way to still somehow get part of his foot inside the cone. I can’t wait til we can get rid of this thing.

Bless his simple heart.

Unsolicited advice: I don’t think anyone really likes unsolicited advice, but I have been extra annoyed by it lately. I make it a point not to give advice unless I’m being asked for it because I hope that one day, someone will notice and treat me the same way. I’m a pretty introspective person and I have a tendency to think and research things like foster parentingtravel, and everything else obsessively before ever speaking about it to anyone – even AJ. It’s not that I never ask for advice – I definitely do – I just do it at a very specific point in my thought process, and only if I feel like I need it. The reason for that is primarily because I struggle with confidence in my decision making, and I find that it is much worse when I involve other people in the process. So when I make a decision and announce it, that’s it – I’m not asking to hear anyone’s thoughts on it. Feel free to offer them, but my mind is already made up

Protein as a macronutrient: When I started going to the gym regularly and training with my personal trainer, we briefly touched on the topic of diet. Since I generally eat pretty healthy (and have really been focusing on it since getting back from Africa), it was a short conversation. “As long as you’re getting at least 100 grams of protein a day, don’t worry about it,” he said. “Oh, I definitely do for sure,” I replied. Well, then I started thinking about it and…I definitely do not. 60-70 grams, maybe, but not 100. So I started trying to add more protein into my diet – eating 3 eggs at breakfast instead of two, upping my meat portions, grabbing the occasional protein bar for a snack…well, you get the idea. It’s hard, and 100 grams of protein is nothing. I recently bought protein powder and I’ve been making protein pudding with it (shakes/smoothies are awful), so I guess now I’m one of those people. Why can’t carbs build muscle?

Wall decals: “Purchase a wall decal,” they said. “It’s easier than painting a mural and you can move it around,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. They have clearly never tried to stick a 70″ x 45″ wall decal on a wall without it being totally crooked, having a million air bubbles, and sticking to itself. AJ and I put the finishing touches on our foster child’s bedroom last weekend (well, sort of finishing – as finished as it can be for now) and one of the last things we needed to do was put up the giant world map I purchased. It was basically impossible. It took us over an hour to get it on the wall correctly without it being completely crooked, and I’m only slightly exaggerating when I say I considered divorcing him during the process. No, just kidding, I’d be nothing without him. But also, that wall decal would have gone on a lot faster. Just saying. At least it looks good! We bought pre-painted plastic moulding at Lowe’s to frame it so it wouldn’t just look like a giant sticker on the wall, even though that is exactly what it is.

Don’t look too closely or you’ll see the millions of air bubbles trapped under that stupid map. And yes, we tried to smooth them out with a variety of tricks, but they keep coming back. I give up.

Loud grunting/noises at the gym: I go to a fairly hardcore powerlifting gym, and while not everyone that goes there is into lifting crazy heavy weights, there is a pretty large contigency that is. Apparently, lifting really heavy weights (like, we’re talking squatting 700+ pounds) is synonymous with yelling/grunting/exhaling violently when you lift them. It’s not so much that I even find it ridiculous (I mean, who am I to judge someone who is lifting 700 pounds?), it just startles me. I do question how effective it can possibly be, since I feel like I would just wear myself out if I was yelling all the time before I started lifting, but what do I know? When I was attempting my toughest bench press yet the other day, I had to remind one of the spotters not to yell encouragement, lest I get scared and drop the weight on myself. What can I say, I hate loud noises!

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