Workout Roundup: Week of July 31, 2017

First of all, thank you all so much for your wonderful and supportive comments on my recent post about becoming foster parents! I’m really looking forward to sharing more about this huge change in our lives with you. I think this is the beginning of something really special and I’m so glad all of you are a part of it! Thanks for all the love!

Ah, this week was glorious!! We finally saw some slightly cooler temperatures (i.e. 70 first thing in the morning instead of 75) and lower humidity that made running feel just a little less like death. It’s not quite fall running weather and won’t be for a while still, but I’ll take it for now. The cooler, the better!

Monday, July 31, 5 mile run, personal training – legs: Thanks to the much cooler temperatures, Monday’s run was the first time in months that I did not have to take a walk break at any point during my run! It was amazing! I felt like a new woman. It also sort of reminded me even more how much I hate the summer, but it did give me hope for fall. My trainer then promptly smashed all my hope by putting me through a crazy leg workout that I ended up feeling for the next four days. It didn’t feel that bad at the time, but after…whoa.

First smiling post run selfie in a longggg time, brought to you by lower temps! Visor by Headsweats!

Tuesday, August 1, 5 mile run, personal training – arms and shoulders: Another day of cooler weather was a blessing! The unbelievable soreness in my legs was not. I still managed to make it through my run and enjoyed catching back up with Pearce! Thankfully, no legs were involved at my evening training session, and we focused on arms and shoulders. I don’t know that I’ll ever get excited about arm/shoulder day, but I definitely don’t mind it as much as I used to. Must be a sign I am getting stronger!

Wednesday, August 2, 5 mile run, personal training- chest and back: It is actually almost a lie to call Wednesday’s 5 miles a run. It really much more closely resembled a waddle because I was somehow even more sore from Monday’s workout. Still, I did it! Chest day brought a new strategy from my trainer on the road to bench pressing 135! Today, I actually did sort of bench press 135, but with what’s called a “triple block” on my chest. You put a wooden block on your chest and bring the bar down to it, so you’re not going quite as low. Next time, I’ll use a smaller block, called a double block, then a single, then finally do the whole thing. I know you’re at the edge of your seats with anticipation for this milestone. Also from today at the gym: a guy I often see when I work out started asking my trainer about me and how long I have been lifting (I was standing right there, so he could have just asked me, but whatever). My trainer told him I had just started about 6 weeks ago and that I’m a marathon runner. “A marathon runner?” he said. “But you’re built like a sprinter!” “That’s probably why I’m not very good at it,” I laughed. But also…sigh.

Thursday, August 3, speed workout, personal training- back body and legs: I’m just going to come right out and say it: my speed workout sucked. I did 5 half-mile intervals with a quarter mile of recovery and a 1 mile warmup and cooldown. I never really felt like I had good energy right from the beginning, and every interval felt harder than last week. I did the first 4 at 7:45 pace and the last one at 7:30 pace. I very nearly collapsed on the treadmill after that last one. I hated every second. But you know what? I did it, and I’m stronger this week for it. Personal training tonight was a deadlift/backbody extravaganza again, which, despite the soreness after last week, I actually really liked. I am starting to add weight to my deadlifts and it’s nothing exciting yet, but I am definitely seeing progress!

Friday, August 4, 45 minute walk, personal training – full upper body: After four days of running in a row, it was time for a break on Friday. I went for a walk when I woke up and then headed to the gym at lunch. I felt like I had no strength, but it’s probably because my trainer started me out with heavy weight on the incline shoulder press. It actually ended up being a good workout and my upper back was pretty sore the next day! That doesn’t happen very often.

Saturday, August 5, OFF: No workout today! I didn’t feel very well and decided to just take it as a rest day. I got my ten thousand steps in, though!

Sunday, August 6, full body strength training: Today was such a mess! I started off with the intention of getting up early to run, but was exhausted and ended up sleeping in way late instead…and then taking a nap later. I thought I wouldn’t end up doing anything, but I felt like I kind of wanted to go to the gym and do a light workout. I managed to convince AJ to go with me, and we did a workout my trainer had written for me for the 4th of July holiday when he was out of town. It was amazing to see how much my strength had increased in just a month – I went up in weight on every machine! It was fun to work out with AJ, too – we don’t get to do that very often!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What day do you typically take your rest day?