I don’t know what came over me this week, but I was sort of a running machine! I ended up running 6 out of 7 days this week, which should never happen (and hasn’t for years). The circumstances just kind of worked out that way, but this won’t be happening again any time soon. My mileage still wasn’t very high (32.1 miles total) which is why I think I managed to make it through with my back in one piece.

Monday, 7/10/17, 3 mile run, Personal Training- legs: Last Sunday, I woke up with horrible back pain for no obvious reason (which, if you have back problems, is something you understand), so I wasn’t sure what Monday would hold. I had no plans, but I felt fine when I woke up and decided to go for a short test run to see how I felt on the run. I did an easy 3 miles, then headed to the gym at lunch to hit legs. Leg day is the best.

Tuesday, 7/11/17, 5 mile Speed Workout, Personal training – arms and shoulders: Since I knew I’d be leaving for Napa on Thursday morning and had kickball Wednesday night, I knew my only shot at getting a speed workout in for the week would be on Tuesday night. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve really been having fun with these workouts and haven’t minded doing them on the treadmill. It’s way better than having to do them outside! This week, I bumped it up to seven ¼ mile intervals and did 4 at 7:45 pace, 2 at 8:00 pace, and 1 at 7:30 pace with 9:30 recovery pace. It was 5 miles total and I felt strong! I’m building up to doing 8 intervals at 7:45 pace, and then we will move on to longer intervals. Personal training went great, too! Arms and shoulders are no longer so hateful.

Wednesday, 7/12/17, 6 mile run, Personal training – chest and back, kickball: Pearce and I ran together on Wednesday morning for a very, very sweaty six miles. There’s just no escape from the heat right now. I’m about 2 degrees away from becoming a sports bra runner, honestly. Or just doing all my workouts on the treadmill in the gym until October. As hard as I find chest and back days at the gym, I have found something I actually like doing there – bench presses! Today I was able to bench press 100 pounds two times, which was an amazing feeling. Shout out to my amazing trainer who has confidence in me and knows what I am capable of, because I would never push myself like that without him. We also won our kickball game in a close match, and I got on base a few times!

Thursday, 7/13/17, 3 mile run: Although I really never run 4 days in a row, I wanted to get in a few miles before spending all day flying out to California. They were sweaty, they kind of sucked, but it definitely felt better to get my legs moving before the long travel day!

Friday, 7/14/17, 2 mile run: What is happening to my life?! After getting to California and meeting the other journalists, two of us decided to run together in the morning to shake out our legs after the long travel day. We were about to spend a whole day at the vineyards, so a little extra movement couldn’t hurt! We ran from our house in downtown Sonoma and loved exploring the historic plaza and checking out the town on a quick run!

Ran down to Sonoma State Historic Park only to discover it is not really a park at all, but more like a few historic buildings (still cool)

Saturday, 7/15/17, OFF: Thank goodness I only brought 2 running outfits out to California or I probably would have done a couple miles that day, too! I went for two short walks just to move around, but mostly just drank all the wine and ate all the cheese in Napa.

Sunday, 7/16/17, Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon!: I’ll write a full race report this week and tell you all about it, but the Wine Country Half Marathon was SO MUCH FUN! I ran with one of the other journalists who was running her very first race EVER! I can’t wait to tell you all about it and show you all the pictures from the course! For now, here’s a sneak preview.

Vineyards for MILES

So yeah, 32.1 miles and 6 days of running last week! Not too shabby. Next week will definitely be a step back, but it’s nice to be seeing a little higher mileage, even if only for a week.

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