Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most motivated one of all? Me, apparently. I don’t know what has happened, but I’m going out of my way to get my runs in, enjoying my time in the gym, and even forcing myself out of bed to walk and kayak while on vacation. I even limited the amount of alcohol I drank this weekend at my parent’s lake house. Again, who am I?

Monday, June 26, 5 mile run, Personal training – legs: By some act of the Supreme, Monday was a beautiful, cool morning with minimal humidity. Pearce and I were positively thrilled to head out for 5 miles together and catch up from the weekend! Then it was my favorite kind of training day: leg day. I don’t know that my legs are actually stronger than my upper body, but it sure feels that way.

Tuesday, June 27, 4.5 miles of walking, Personal training – upper body: I split my walks up into two different segments – 3 miles and 1.5 miles. It was another beautiful day, and I was almost sorry to not be running. Personal training was upper body, and I confirmed that I definitely hate chest exercises the most. Arm stuff is getting to be slightly less miserable, though.

Wednesday, June 28, 6 mile run, Personal training – legs, kickball: I think Wednesdays are the most exhausting day of the week! I got in 6 nice and cool morning miles with Pearce, then headed to the gym at lunch. I did the leg press (which I don’t do very often for whatever reason) and did 270 pounds, which maybe is not a lot, but seemed like a lot to me. Onward and upward! After work was kickball, which I am apparently now playing again. I got on base twice, kicked the ball my farthest ever (must be all the leg days) and scored a run. Our team is still undefeated, so I must not have screwed things up too much.

This is how sweaty I still am after a run that is “nice and cool.” Hat by Headsweats!

Thursday, June 29, 4 miles (speed work), Personal training – chest and back: Since I knew I was running with Pearce again on Friday and I’d be out of town for the weekend, the only day to do my speed workout was Thursday after personal training. Bobbi decided that I should stick with the same workout as last week, but add one more interval – meaning I did a 1 mile warmup, then  five 1/4 mile intervals at 8:00 pace, then cooled down. I actually felt great and decided to bump up the speed on my last interval, so I did it at 7:45 pace! I am thrilled with how the speed work is going so far. We did chest and back at the gym, including my very first foray into a real bench press. I did 75 pounds, which my trainer was quite pleased with. I have no idea if that is good or not, but it is good for me, so I’ll take it!

Friday, June 30, 5 mile run, Personal training- full body: Friday was not a lovely cool morning and I ended up being completely soaked from head to toe by the time Pearce and I were done running. Oh well. The miles were done and I got my 4 runs and 20 miles in again this week. Personal training was really fun – we did 1 set of a bunch of different exercises, so I never got bored (not that I do anyway). I definitely felt a week’s worth of workouts catching up to me!

Saturday, July 1, 3.25 mile walk, 1 hour kayaking: AJ and I headed up to my parents’ lake house for the weekend after work on Friday, so that meant some creative workouts this weekend. After running 3 days in a row, I knew I wouldn’t be running Saturday, but I got a good walk in with my cousin. The terrain where my parents live is super hilly, so it was a good workout. Then, a bunch of us went out kayaking for an hour – I ended up going 3.25 miles. I can’t help but make stuff like that into a workout, so I kept paddling big circles around everyone when they would stop to rest or chat. I’m fun that way.

Lake life with my cousin

Sunday, July 2, 3.25 mile walk, 1 hour kayaking: I brought running clothes with me with great intentions of running on Sunday, but ultimately, I decided against it because that would be 5 runs in one week, which I am really not supposed to do. I also was pretty exhausted still, which didn’t hurt, so another walk and kayaking day it was! Not a bad way to stay active on vacation, though.

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