This week was my first week back from Africa and my first since recovering from my bout with pneumonia (which started as an upper respiratory infection and progressed). I hadn’t run in nearly 4 weeks by the time I got home! While sometimes it can be hard to get back into a routine after a trip, I was ready to jump back into it.

Actual footage of me the day before I left for Africa.

The truth is, I’m not really happy with my body and how I feel at the moment. I’ve gained about 10 pounds over the past two years and although it comes and goes, I decided that the summer is the perfect time to do something about it hopefully for good. Since summer running is challenging for me due to how much I sweat, it seemed like a good time to focus on building my strength, losing a few pounds, and not worrying too much about super long runs.

All that to say: I decided to join a gym and hire a personal trainer! Bobbi encouraged me to get access to a treadmill and it kind of spiraled from there. I decided to immediately jump into training and joined the gym on my first day home!

Monday, 6/12/17, TRAVEL/OFF: After 37 hours of traveling (but who’s counting?) I arrived home from Africa on Monday night. Obviously, my main workout was exercising my self control and not killing any of my fellow travelers.

Tuesday, 6/13/17, 3 mile run, personal training evaluation: I was worried my first run back would be ugly, but I actually felt as good as I could have in the heat and not having run for almost a month. I was able to run the entire thing at a 9:45 pace and I can’t complain about that! That evening, I headed to the gym for the first time and had my personal training evaluation. I basically learned that my range of motion is 70 percent on my best muscles/joints and 50 percent on my worst (hamstrings, obviously). After going through my history with my trainer, he told me that he wants to work first on improving my range of motion using lighter weights and then add more weight later. Sounds like a plan!

Wednesday, 6/14/17, 4 mile run, personal training: Pearce and I got together in the morning for a run! It was nasty hot and humid and I had to take a walk break (thanks to non-stop Africa story telling) but overall, it wasn’t too bad. That night was my first real training session and we focused on biceps, triceps, and shoulders. I really like this gym and trainer because he is extremely focused on doing the movements perfectly. He watches me carefully and gives great instruction. PS, I really hate working my shoulders. Necessary evil, though.

Thursday, 6/15/17, 1 hour walk: I am really focusing on being active even on days I’m not running or heading to the gym, so I started the morning with a walk. Not much else to say about that! I’m just proud of getting in 15,000 steps on Thursday throughout the day instead of sitting on the couch like usual.

Friday, 6/16/17, 5.5 mile run and walk, personal training: It’s just worked out that my runs and training have fallen on the same days, but it won’t always. Pearce and I ran 4.5 miles together in the morning and I walked a mile roundtrip to and from the place we meet up. It was a little cooler so this went much better! I can definitely feel myself improving. Personal training was at lunch and it was an intense full body workout! I really hate the tricep dip machine. I was sweating a ton by the time it was over, and I feel like I am building a good relationship with my trainer so far.

Basically me.

Then, something super embarrassing happened. I had just exchanged numbers with my trainer and was leaving the gym when I decided to text AJ. He makes fun of what he calls “gym bros” and was joking with me that I was going to become a gym bro now that I have a trainer, so I sent him a GIF of a giant weightlifter lifting weights and a text that said “Bro I lifted so hard today.” Umm…except I actually texted my trainer that instead of AJ. He did not respond. AWKWARD.

Saturday, 6/17/17, 45 minute walk: I am working on becoming a morning workout person…and that means waking up and doing something even on weekends! I was super impressed with myself for getting up before 7 am and going for a walk, even though I didn’t have to. We had a busy weekend with my parents visiting and helping us with things around our house, so I knew I wouldn’t have much time and needed to make the most of the morning!

Sunday, 6/18/17, 45 minute walk: Same deal as Saturday! I’m happy with myself for getting my steps in.

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