Workout Roundup: Week of May 15, 2017

The week of May 15 was my first week back to real workouts after the Prague Marathon! Part of me was ready to get back to running, but part of me definitely also enjoyed my time off. I took a full week off of running but did teach a barre class and made sure to get 10,000 steps per day. This week, it was time to get back to it!

Monday, 5/15/2017, 3 miles easy: First day back to running! It’s funny how quickly you feel like you have lost any and all fitness. I just did 3 easy miles, although it didn’t feel terribly easy thanks to the 90+ degree weather! I’m so not ready for summer, but I clearly need to just get over it because it’s not going to be a reasonable temperature again any time soon. I decided to start doing some squats and lunges after each run, so I added in 5 sets of 10 squats and 5 sets of 10 lunges with each leg leading!

Tuesday, 5/16/2017, barre class: I made it to the barre studio for class on Tuesday! Towards the end of marathon training, I was too tired and unmotivated to drive to the studio (ridiculous, I know), so I did videos online sometimes. It was nice to get back there, although I’ve definitely lost a ton of core strength. Just goes to show how much I slacked off at the end of training!

Wednesday, 5/17/2017, 5 miles easy: BAH morning running!! Pearce and I headed out in the morning to try and escape the heat. I know I need to work on trying to run in the mornings this summer, so this is the start of my attempt at doing that a few days a week. Squats and lunges after! I don’t think I stopped sweating for an entire hour afterwards.

Me in the summer, for entirely unsexy reasons.

Thursday, 5/18/2017, OFF: Could I have worked out this day? Yes. Did I want to? No. I just got my 10,000 steps in and called it a day.

Friday, 5/19/2017, 6 miles easy: Another morning run! I survived! Thank goodness for Pearce meeting me (she wakes up at 5 every day like a crazy person, so by the time we meet she’s been awake for hours). I really don’t mind getting up early to run WITH someone, but running by myself…not so likely to happen. I did my squats and lunges afterwards, too!

Saturday, 5/20/17 and Sunday, 5/21/17, OFF:  AJ and I were both in a wedding this weekend on Wadmalaw Island, about 4 hours from where we live. We headed down Friday after work and were up crazy late Friday night, then spent all day Saturday and Sunday doing wedding things and driving. I did bring running clothes, optimistically thinking I’d run on Saturday morning. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Here’s to getting five workouts in next week as I slowly work my way back to normal!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Is it hot where you are yet? What is your preferred running temperature?