Prague Marathon Training, Week 14

After successfully surviving an 18 mile long run last week, this week was a cut back week.

Monday, 4/10/17, Outdoor bike ride: I used to ride my bike outside all the time when I lived near Columbia, despite the fact that I lived in a tiny town and the roads were insane. People drove fast, but there were only like 5 people, so it was fine. Now that I live in an area that actually has bike lanes, I’m too terrified by the sheer number of cars and the fact that I don’t know where I’m going to ever venture out. I finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and just bring my bike to my office and ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail after work. I ended up going 20 miles much faster than I thought I would, and it was a good workout. I need to start looking into group rides to do occasionally – it’s great cross training!

Quick stop in the town of Travelers Rest, right along the trail!

Tuesday, 4/11/17, 5 miles: I’ve gotten in the habit of running in the evenings lately, and that sort of bit me in the ass on Tuesday. It was in the mid 80s when I started my run, and I felt like hot garbage. Literally hot garbage. It seemed like I was running the slowest I’ve ever run in my life and I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. Imagine my surprise when I looked down at my watch after I finished, expecting to see an average pace of 11 or 12 minutes per mile, and found out that I had been running 9:18. What the what? Nothing could have shocked me more in that moment. My back felt ok, but not perfect – just good enough.

Wednesday, 4/12/17, barre and kickball: Ahh, the best laid plans of mice and men. I have a deadline for work this week and knowing I needed to get to kickball, barre didn’t end up happening. I should have woken up early to do it, but I didn’t, and then I got caught up with work. Typical. Oh well. We won our kickball game and I scored 2 runs (and more importantly, didn’t injure myself)!

Thursday, 4/13/17, 7 miles: I had VERY specific instructions from my coach to run this super slowly after Tuesday’s little incident. This is meant to be a recovery week for me before I head into my last big week of training (we’re being super cautious with my back), so she instructed me to run between 9:45 and 10:45 miles. Normally, I don’t look at my watch until after I run, but this time, I wanted to keep it in check. Turns out, I needn’t have worried. Wanting to avoid Wednesday’s mistake, I opted to do my run first thing in the morning. I literally ate and drank nothing before heading out, only to find out it was humid and kinda hot. I don’t normally eat before I run, but I do drink a lot of water, and um, you guys, I died. At mile 5 I felt like I was going to collapse, vomit or both. FAIL. The good news is, I stuck with my prescribed pacing and ended up at 10:08 average! The better news? My back felt good! Not just ok, good!


Friday, 4/14/17, OFF: Not much to say here! Just gearing up for the week’s long-ish run on Saturday! It’s funny – this is the first week in a while where I felt like I haven’t been in desperate need of a rest day. The hate part of my love/hate relationship is back.

Saturday, 4/15/17, 13 miles: Um, I’m just going to come right out and say it – this run was THE WORST. Without question, this was the worst long run of this training cycle. I was sweating literal buckets from the beginning of the run (it was very humid and warm even in the morning) and just felt completely dehydrated and terrible. At about mile 10, I came thisclose to giving up completely and just walking the entire last three miles home. It seemed like I could not take in enough water no matter what I did. I forced myself to keep running (with a couple more and longer walk breaks than usual) and stopped the second my watch beeped at 13.0 miles. Absolute hell. My overall pace was 10:18 which honestly kind of surprised me given how much I walked. Honestly, though, if I only have one truly terrible long run this training cycle, I really can’t complain. I’m just glad this week was 13 miles instead of 20! I’m really praying hard for cool or cold weather in Prague. Decent weather for next week’s 20 miles would also be nice.

Booooo running. BOOOOOOOOO.

Sunday, 4/16/17, barre3 video: Remember when I was trying to get better at doing core work more often? Ugh. I am the worst. Oh well, once a week isn’t bad…I guess…

LEAVE A COMMENT: Have you had any truly terrible long runs this training season or in recent memory?