Prague Marathon Training, Week 12

After last week’s cutback week, Week 12 saw a hypothetical return to four days of running and a long run. As you’ll see below, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Monday, 3/27/17, 7 miles: My coach instructed me to run 7 miles and 5 miles on Monday/Tuesday and gave me the option of switching them around depending on how I felt. After looking at the weather forecast and seeing that Tuesday would be even hotter than Monday, I decided to get my 7 done in the slightly cooler weather. Quite frankly, it felt…like I had just run a really fast race two days before, aka not that great. To be expected, right? I kept it easy, took some walk breaks, and laughed my ass off to a new podcast I found called “My Dad Wrote a Porno.” This guy’s dad wrote an erotic novel and the guy just reads it out loud and he and his two friends make comments the entire time. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it since I’ve never seen pornography (Interesting fact! I swear, it’s true. I am so vanilla.) and I thought I’d probably be super uncomfortable, but it came really highly recommended and was supposed to be hilarious. Well, it was. Folks, there is nothing sexy about this podcast. It is pretty graphic, yes, but it is honestly so ridiculous and the comments are so hysterical that at some points I laughed so hard that I had to stop running. Therefore, I’m not totally sure I recommend this podcast for running, but I DO recommend it for life in general. It is flawless. Anyway, overall pace was 9:51, but really, who cares?

I did manage to take this fairly decent running selfie in between fits of laughter (Visors in this post are from Headsweats – check the sidebar for discount code!)

Tuesday, 3/28/17, 5 miles: I was definitely glad I opted to do my longer run on Monday instead of in Tuesday’s heat! Gross. I decided to ride my bike to meet up with my friend Pearce for our run. Seemed like a great idea until I tried pedaling on my little tiny pedals in HOKAs…let’s just say they are not the ideal cycling shoes. Nonetheless, Pearce and I got 5 miles done at 9:30 pace. Turns out, we are not very good at pacing ourselves, because we ran wayyyyy too fast while attempting to chat and catch up, resulting in multiple walk breaks and gasping for breath in the last few miles. Oh well. Run done! My body is still tired from the race. How long can I keep using that as an excuse? Stay tuned to find out because I plan to milk it.

Wednesday, 3/29/17, Cyclebar class and kickball: After a couple of rough runs, I was ready for a cross training day! This spin class went a lot better than my last one and my legs were happy when I left. I once again prayed for an injury-free kickball game and thankfully made it out in one piece! Our team is 4-0. One day, I will write a post detailing how nervous I get about kickball and why I do not have the disposition for team sports, but that is another post for another day.

Thursday, 3/30/17, taught barre 3 class, 7 miles: Uh oh…I woke up Thursday morning with horrible back pain. I have not felt “quite right” since the weird back pain I experienced during my 17 miler a few weeks ago. It’s hard to explain, but it feels like my SI joint is just slightly out of place, and when I run, it creates more impact than it should and causes pain. I’ve been going to the chiropractor twice a week since it happened and some days are fine while others. Today, though, was awful – it hurt even to walk. Of course, I was scheduled to teach barre3 at 6 am and there was obviously no way to get a sub at that hour of the morning, so I struggled my way through class. I then spent the rest of the day sulking. Obviously, my planned 7 mile run was NOT happening. I really hope this is not my back telling me it is done with marathon training.

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Friday, 3/31/17, OFF: I woke up this morning feeling much better but headed to the chiropractor just in case. Keeping my fingers crossed that 48 hours of rest will be enough to get me through Saturday’s long run in one happy, healthy piece.

Saturday, 4/1/17, 18 miles 10 miles: The original plan for Saturday was to run 18 miles with the Greer Earth Day 10-Miler thrown in there somewhere. After dealing with such bad back pain on Thursday, my coach didn’t think that was the best idea, so we adjusted the plan to just be running the race. I ran with my friend Pearce at what felt like a nice easy pace, but still ended up third in my age group! Race report to come on Wednesday, as usual.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Actually, I had a burger and I came in third.

Sunday, 4/2/17, hiking: AJ was off playing golf with one of his friends, so I had the day all to myself! I couldn’t decide between going hiking or going for a long bike ride, but in the best interest of my back, I opted for the hike. I ended up doing 7.5 miles, including a section with over 2,000 feet of climbing in just 1.5 miles! On second thought, maybe the bike ride would have been a better idea.

I’m absolutely obsessed with the colors of KUHL’s new spring line. This tank showed NO SWEAT and the shorts were perfect!

Obviously, I can’t say this has been my favorite week of training so far. We’ll be making some adjustments for next week and seeing how things go! Less than 5 weeks to go until the Prague Marathon!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Ever dealt with a sudden recurrence of an old injury? Would you rather go for a long bike ride or a long hike?

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