Prague Marathon Training, Week 10

Whew! My biggest week so far is in the books, and it was a doozie! I sustained another kickball injury (what the hell is wrong with me?), had some great runs, some terrible runs, and did some solid cross training. Oh, and there was a casual 17 mile run thrown in there somewhere.

Monday, 3/13/17, 5 miles: Oh my, the struggle was real on this run. My lower left leg was tight, I couldn’t get my breathing under control, and everything just felt harder than it should have. Fortunately, I was running with my friend Pearce, so that made the whole experience slightly less terrible. Surprisingly, I actually found myself feeling encouraged by this run. Yes, I felt terrible, but our pace was decent despite feeling sluggish – 9:36. Also, every training cycle has bad runs. This is the first really crappy one I’ve had (besides the whole kidney infection thing), and those runs make you stronger on race day.

Tuesday, 3/14/17, 9 miles: I have a love/hate relationship with mid-week longish runs. Mentally, it is really challenging for me to spend an hour and a half after work (or super early in the morning, but let’s be serious here) running. It just feels like a really long time, and it gives me anxiety about other things I should be doing. Still, they’re a GREAT confidence booster and I have a huge sense of accomplishment when I’m done. This one went great – I held a 9:19 pace (what?!) and my last mile was my fastest. It’s almost like I’m getting into shape or something.

Based on the copious amount of elbow sweat, I may have slightly overdressed for this run. Leggings from DanaLouFIT, hat from Headsweats (see sidebar for discounts)

Wednesday, 3/15/17, barre3 class and kickball: I had a full day of out-of-town meetings on Wednesday that required me to leave my house super early, followed by a kickball game at 6:30 pm, so that meant that the only time I would have to workout was 6 am. You know how I feel about morning workouts, but I did it anyway, and I was truly glad I did. I was less glad about pulling a muscle somewhere in my inner thigh/groin on my way to three hits (kicks?) at kickball plus a run. It is possible I am a little too emotionally invested at my kickball performance. I could barely walk afterwards – not good. We did win 23-1, though.

Thursday, 3/16/17, OFF: Due to the aforementioned kickball injury of 2017, I decided to make Thursday my rest day instead of Friday. Normally, I run Thursday, then take Friday off and do my long run Saturday, but between the muscle pull and the fact that the weather isn’t going to be good Saturday morning, I decided to switch things around. Lots of walks around the neighborhood and stretching for me today!


Friday, 3/17/17, 6 miles: It was a little weird to be running on a Friday, but I was definitely relieved to have my leg feeling back to normal! I went for a super easy 6 miles and felt great. Overall pace was 9:52 and my heart rate was nice and low!

Saturday, 3/18/17, rock climbing: Since my long run was moved to Sunday, AJ and I decided to take advantage of a cross training day and head to the climbing gym on Saturday! We both did a lot better than the first time we went, but bouldering is hard! We’re going to try and keep going a few times a month just because it’s fun.

Started from the bottom now we here (Leggings from DanaLou, of course)

Sunday, 3/19/17, 17 mile long run: I felt both confident and slightly intimidated going into this run. I knew I could do it – after all, I felt great after my 15 miles last week – but 17 miles is still a long way to run. Unfortunately, my lower left leg felt tight from the beginning and it was challenging for me to find my normal stride. Still, I didn’t feel bad – it just felt like I was causing myself a lot more impact than I should have been, if that makes sense. I experimented with using fuel (shot blocks) for the first time and um…that did not go so well. They were basically frozen when I needed to eat them the first time and still ridiculously chewy the second time! It was hard to choke them down and I won’t be eating those again. Anyway, the first 7 miles went by on the slower side. Then, I met up with my friend Pearce and ran 8 miles with her, which was a great way to break up the run! Unfortunately, my weird stride and all that impact caught up to me around mile 15.5 and my back start hurting pretty bad. I made it home fine (my last 3 miles were my fastest once again, and I even threw down an 8:45 mile) and overall pace was 10:04. Once I cracked my back at home, I felt a lot better, so maybe things were just out of alignment. Overall, I’m absolutely thrilled with how this run went. I had the endurance and strength to keep going, and although I don’t think I’m quite ready for a marathon, I know I will be soon. That’s exciting! Also, 37 miles in one week is the most I’ve run in…a very long time.

Accidentally recorded my Tuesday run as a “bike ride” this week because I pressed the wrong button, so my weekly mileage didn’t show up correctly. SAD!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What’s your favorite type of long run fuel? Do you ever struggle to find your normal stride on a run?