Prague Marathon Training, Week 8

Another week of training and another race! It’s kind of crazy to be racing this much, but I’m loving it! It definitely gives me something to look forward to each week and it makes the long runs go by a lot faster. Race recap for the Run Hard Columbia Half Marathon to come on Wednesday!

Monday, 2/27/17, 5 miles: After a hard weekend of workouts, I was definitely sore when Monday’s run came around! Even my forearms hurt thanks to my attempt at rock climbing, and my legs were definitely tired and heavy. I ran with my friend and got my five miles done, though! Overall pace was 9:46 and we got plenty of hill work in.

Tuesday, 2/28/7, 8 miles: I somewhat unwisely did my 5 mile Monday night knowing that I needed to do 8 rather early on Tuesday morning. I am not a morning runner, but I needed to get up well before the sun in order to get my run in before work, since AJ and I had dinner plans with a friend later. Y’all, it was rough. I hadn’t slept well and really didn’t want to run. I almost couldn’t believe it when I got out of bed. But you know what? I did it. I did 8 miles. It was ugly – my pace was by far the slowest it has been of any run this entire training cycle at 10:29, but I was honestly so proud of myself for getting up and going that I didn’t care. This was a huge mental victory!

I survived an early morning run! Hallelujah! Arches trucker hat from Headsweats – use code TREXRUN25 for 25% off!

Wednesday, 3/1/17, Cyclebar Class: I’m not gonna lie – I was pretty excited for a cross-training day. My legs have definitely been feeling my effort level lately! Remember back in 2013 when I had a tibia stress fracture? No? You haven’t memorized all my injuries? Weird. Anyway, ever since then, I have had knots, tension and tightness in my left calf and Achilles. It’s not an injury, but the area does get inflamed sometimes and it’s a little uncomfortable – more annoying than anything else. It happens when I do big hikes, too (it really bothered me in Nepal). I dealt with that a little bit on Tuesday, so Wednesday’s cross-training came at a perfect time. Am I the only one who sweats profusely in spin class? It is so embarrassing. I leave puddles under my bike. Anyway – I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on my leg and backing off as needed, but with foam rolling and stretching it is usually fine!

Harnessing a little #girlpower at spin class! Leggings by DanaLouFIT (code DCA15 gets 15% off)

Thursday, 3/2/17, 6 miles: I did the first half of Thursday’s 6 miles on my own at 9:30 pace and the second half with AJ at his pace. The miles went by fast and I was pleased not to have any aches and pains at all in my leg! Sometimes a rest day and a little foam rolling is exactly what we need.

AJ loves when I request selfies after we run.

Friday, 3/3/17, REST DAY: My love/hate relationship with rest days continues! I did my best to get in my 10,000 steps and not go crazy in the process.

Saturday, 3/4/17, Run Hard Columbia Half Marathon: Another weekend, another race…another negative split? Yes, my friends – believe it. I set out to run a truly easy effort and catch up with my friends, and while I did run easy, it ended up being a faster finishing time than I expected at 2:03:23 – just a minute and 45 seconds slower than last week. Full race report to come on Wednesday!

At the start with Bobbi and Allison – you may remember them from our casual trip to Nepal?

Sunday, 3/5/17 – REST DAY: It worked out great that this ended up being a rest day, since I started getting sick on Saturday afternoon. Boo! Hoping to be better and ready to run on Monday.

LEAVE A COMMENT: Anyone else race this weekend? Do you run when you’re sick?