Hello from New Zealand, boys and girls! Weeks 3 and 4 are going to be a bit unorthodox since I’m on vacation. I had originally not planned on bringing my running shoes on this trip (between those and my hiking boots, that’s a lot of valuable packing space), but I ended up having room for them. Coach says I had no concrete plan this week besides having fun and enjoying vacation, but I’ve been having so much fun with running and getting back into shape that I figured I would see what I can fit in! If you want to see what we’re up to each day, follow me on Instagram. I’m posting tons of stories and photos!

Monday, 1/23/17, 4.25 miles easy: After 27 hours of traveling, I was worn out and lacking energy. My laptop charger started sparking on the plane and wasn’t any better by the time we got to our hostel, so I decided to run – literally – to go get one while AJ took a nap! I was rewarded with a new charger and 4.25 beautiful hilly miles in downtown Auckland and a nearby park!

The views were decent.

Tuesday, 1/24/17, OFF: There was no time to workout on Tuesday, as we had to be up at 4 am to drive up for a day cruise and didn’t get home til 11 pm! However, we did do a short but challenging hike during the trip, so I guess that counts as cross training. More details to come in my New Zealand recaps!

Wednesday, 1/25/17, 7 miles perceived effort: I woke up early-ish and decided to run 5 miles through Auckland before AJ and I headed to Waiheke Island for a day trip. I looked up a route, made sure to save the map to my phone, and checked it every few minutes. I still managed to get lost and ended up somehow adding an extra 2 miles to my route, but I had a blast exploring the city! My overall pace for the run was 10:26 including photo stops, some trails, and some tough hills. On the surface, I’d normally be upset with that, but I had some miles where I put in a great effort, some where I took a lot of pictures, and some in the middle. It was a run that I know I got a lot of strength and exercise out of, so I’m happy with it! AJ and I then headed to Waiheke Island where we hiked, biked, and walked all over the place. I ended up with 16 miles on my feet for the day!

Early mornings in Auckland

Thursday, 1/26/17, OFF: The bulk of our day was taken up by flying from Auckland to Queenstown and getting lunch, grocery shopping, and getting settled into our hostel. We did do a walk of a couple miles, but it wasn’t anything exciting!

Friday, 1/27/17, 4.5 miles easy + 10 mile hike: I was dying to get out and run on Friday morning, even though I knew we had a long day of hiking ahead of us! Queenstown is so beautiful, and there are walking and cycling paths and trails everywhere. I woke up early to get a run in before our hike, and I was rewarded handsomely! We then did a 10 mile roundtrip hike up Roys Peak in nearby Wanaka – AJ’s longest hike ever! More pics to come on that, or check my Instagram!

Taking in the views of Lake Watipu

Saturday, 1/28/17, 3.75 miles easy: Again, there’s just something about being here that makes me want to go run! I got up early before we headed out of town for the day. I was only planning on going 3 miles, but I ended up finding a  trail along my way and I had to explore a little! If I had had more time, this run could have turned into several hours. That’s a nice problem to have!

I think you can see why I got a little carried away…

Sunday, 1/29/17, 10 mile hike: My allergies (which I normally don’t have since moving away from Florida) have been bothering me the past couple of days, so no run this morning. We did, however, take on a 10 mile hike up Ben Lomond Peak! With almost 5,000 feet of elevation change on the way up, it wasn’t easy, but we had a blast! And of course, because it’s New Zealand, there were views on views on views.

Views by New Zealand. Pants by KUHL.

Plenty more to come from New Zealand! We’re just getting warmed up.

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