Top Picks for Winter Running Gear

Well, there’s no denying it – we’re fully in the grasp of winter. As I’m writing this, there is five inches of snow on the ground in my backyard (in South Carolina!) so I guess it finally happened. I had the privilege of going on a run through the fresh snow this morning and it made me think about how challenging it can be to dress for winter running. While I won’t pretend to be an expert on extreme temps, here are a few of the pieces I’ve been loving lately!

Running in a winter wonderland!

Shoes: HOKA ONE ONE Stinson ATR

I’m a big fan of this color, but there are plenty of options!

Although I’ve been wearing HOKA’s Stinsons for the past couple of years, I’m a recent convert to the Stinson ATR. In fact, I was forced to become a convert out of necessity, since HOKA is discontinuing the road version of the Stinson. I asked for these shoes as a holiday gift and although it took some getting used to the slightly firmer sole, I really appreciated the additional tread while out running on the snow and ice today! Even if you’re not a HOKA fan, I’d recommend checking out the trail version of your favorite shoe for winter running. You might find you have way more traction!

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Tights: DanaLouFIT Leggings and Asics Thermopolis Tights

If you can’t see these bad boys at night, we have a problem.

Depending on the temps, there are two types of leggings I’m loving lately. When it gets really cold, I’ve been breaking out my Asics Thermopolis tights. Don’t worry, guys, there is a men’s version, too! I love how soft they are, and the seamless nature of the tights means there’s no chafing. Score! When it is warmer and sunnier, I’ve been rocking my DanaLouFIT leggings. I got them for barre, so it never occurred to me to wear them running until recently. I LOVE the bright colors because it makes them super visible at dusk and dawn, which is when I’m usually out running. Plus, I get compliments on them constantly! Use coupon code DCA15 to get 15% off your DanaLouFIT purchase and try them out.

Base layer: Nike Breeze Tank

I wore this tank at the Nevis Half Marathon in September and I wear it in the dead of winter! Under other clothes, of course.

Yup! I’m still wearing my summertime go-to Nike Breeze tank underneath my layers during the winter! The moisture-wicking properties are great, and the long length means I never have to worry about it riding up when rubbing against the other layers. That ensures my back and stomach are always covered!

Jacket: Brooks Essential Run Nightlife Jacket

Apparently, I don’t take a lot of pictures when it’s freezing! This one was taken at the Mercedes Marathon back in 2012 – the high was 29!

I’m hot-natured, so I don’t run in jackets very often, but if it is extra cold or windy/rainy, I bust out my Brooks jacket. I actually have the men’s version because I prefer the looser fit. I love the bright neon color of the jacket, plus the reflective strips that help drivers see you at night. Plus, it’s a true running jacket, so it’s breathable and moisture-wicking. I’ve had mine for 5 years and it’s still my go-to piece!

Gloves: Target Dollar Bin specials

A weird thing about me is that my hands get very hot when I’m running. They do not do this in real life, only when I’m running. As such, I only wear the $1 Target gloves, no matter what the weather. I also usually take them off at some point during the run. I can count on one hand the number of races I’ve run where I kept my gloves on the whole time! Unfortunately, I’m not much help in this area, but if you need throwaway gloves, Target is the place to go!

Hats: Headsweats caps and visors

Rocking my Headsweats Loudmouth hat and some DanaLouFIT leggings! I was doing a strength training run in this picture and Aaptiv had just told me to drop down for pushups!

Like my hands, my head rarely gets cold when I’m running, and luckily, neither do my ears! I find that a Headsweats cap suffices 9 times out of 10, and when it doesn’t, I pair an ear band with a visor so that I can easily take the ear band on and off if I get too warm. Like they say, it’s all about layers!

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