Nepal in Pictures

I’m back from my ultimate bucket list trip to Nepal, and I have to say…it was pretty much everything I hoped it would be. I even made it back in almost one piece! More on that in a few photos. I will be doing quite a few posts about my trip with lots of different photos in each one, so check them all out! In the mean time, here are some photos to whet your appetite. Follow me on Instagram for even more!

d6030711-c510-4e4d-a67f-473e408e2cb5-1024x684-1-2 Allison, me, and Bobbi after arriving in our starting village after a long and bumpy 8 hour drive from Kathmandu! I met these lovely ladies back when I lived in Columbia and we used to run for Team in Training together. Although I originally booked my trip solo, I was lucky enough to convince them to tag along later! Gear: KUHL Mova Skinny Pants and Airkraft Shirt eb0d89a0-adf1-42f4-a4e9-5e864233300e-1024x684-1-2 If you thought you weren’t going to see a million pictures of adorable Nepali children, you were sadly mistaken. This little girl was the sweetest! c75d7e53-240c-4e28-b0d2-c32da12d760f-e1477862103692-684x1024-1-2 In the village of Chalish, where we stayed in the home of our guide’s parents! Absolutely amazing experience – and the best food I had on the whole trip, which is saying something. Gear: KUHL Firefly Hoody Jacket and Mova Skinny Pants a1cf1aaa-42ee-447c-99b3-5f3b214599d3-1024x684-1-2 Home destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. While we definitely saw a lot of damage, Nepal is ready for tourists and the damage won’t impact your experience. 1424995a-f3cb-4ae3-b2ea-040ff1c0a197-1024x684-1-2 It was freezing outside but I’m still high maintenance enough about my hair to wash it in freezing cold water and risk pneumonia. Gear: KUHL Mova Skinny Pants 4633558c-b1b9-4496-9352-d505c25c6e7c-1024x684-2-2 Eating home made dal bhat in our guide’s parents’ home! We even attempted to eat with our hands like real Nepali. Spoiler alert: it did not go well. Gear: KUHL Firefly Hoody Jacket b67f0d42-9276-4ed7-958b-b6a740130ef9-e1477862587650-684x1024-1-2 One of many scenic river crossings and waterfalls 01ec6574-16b3-4c41-9eaa-c40536c7e322-1024x684-1-2 I mean, stop it. Stop it right now. (Yes, Angry Birds were a popular clothing choice for some reason) c909474a-6994-4760-bf1f-f31a1e3fd022-1024x684-1-2 When you’re trying to look casual in Kathmandu but the cast on your broken hand makes everything awkward. Oh yes, I broke my hand on this trip. We’ll get there in another post. Gear: KUHL Airkraft Shirt and Mova Skinny Pants a5caf6d3-1f96-4746-9d61-ca1cd031b4b3-1024x684-1-2 “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than in miles.” – Timothy Cahill 0274419c-9431-4d72-879e-2f4daf7ea4ae-1024x684-1-2 In the village of Thuman along the Tamang Heritage Trail! Gear: KUHL Firefly Hoody Jacket and Alina Flannel d0480b7e-11a5-431c-a313-0c211cf4fdb0-1024x684-1-2 Monkeys at the famous Monkey Temple in Nepal! c09bb683-ac19-4e10-b0dc-81b8ac9fcd9b-e1477863194788-684x1024-1-2 Posing at a local house. The back was ripped off by the earthquake, but the front was still beautiful. img_8230-1024x1024-1-2 Yeah, I’d say this was a pretty good trip.

More to come this week! Stay tuned!