Playing Catch Up

I’m taking a break from Nevis posts and race reports to talk a little bit about the parts of my life that don’t involve travel, which is, at the moment, a pretty small part! Things have been crazy around here and while I’d like to say that’s just the way I like them, I think my obsession with busy-ness is starting to catch up with me. That’s a post for another day, though. For now, here’s a glimpse into the other part of my life!

Home improvement: Does anyone else ever get on random kicks of home improvement? I feel like AJ and I are like that. Last year, after we moved in to our house, we spent about 4 months going nuts with home improvement projects before we got a little burnt out and basically put everything on hold for 6 months. Now, I’m back in full swing after having the mantle put in, sprucing up the living room, and retreading the stairs. Little did I know that that would light a major fire to do more! We finally bit the bullet and had the wall between our formal living room and family room removed after getting a great price from the guy who put in our mantle (we had originally put off this project for about a year because we didn’t have the money to spend since it’s a load bearing wall – the quotes we got said 6-10k!)

So here’s what the two rooms looked like before!

img_7043-1-1024x768-1 The family room before img_7046-1-1024x768-1 The formal living room before. A barren wasteland.

Our reason for wanting to remove the wall between the two rooms was twofold. First, we wanted to create a more open feel to the house, and second, the front room is extremely dark due to having only one window, which is blocked by a large tree. It had no overhead lighting source at all! We literally had nothing in the room except some random boxes because it was so dark as to be unusable. Not anymore!

img_7064-1-1024x768-1 I couldn’t believe how much better everything looked already!

Getting the wall removed was step one, but we still needed lights put in and we needed some furniture! We had the same contractor install recessed lighting and started scouring Craigslist and the internet for deals. Then, my mom and dad came into town this weekend while AJ was out of town and helped me put it all together!

img_7554-1-1024x768-1 TA-DA!!!!!! img_7555-1-1024x768-1 It’s like a whole new house!

We are still in the process of getting a coffee table and switching out the small blue chair, but it is mostly done and I am obsessed with it! The house feels so much more open now, and it is amazing to actually be able to use the space!

Work: Work has been a little crazy lately. It’s like we either have no deadlines at all or four at once! I’ve been working a good bit of overtime and it’s been challenging at times to manage working a lot with traveling a lot, but it all gets done somehow (mostly thanks to long flights and an inability to sleep on planes). I would always rather work be too busy than too slow, though, and it is nice to feel super productive, so I really can’t complain.

Studying: I’m in the process of pursuing another master’s degree and studying for a major professional exam that I’ll take in November, so my brain is a bit overloaded with information at the moment. Fortunately, my masters is geared towards professional students and is in a flexible format, so it’s not too bad. Exam prep is kicking my ass, and I’m not studying nearly as much as I probably should be, but I am doing my best to ramp it up and practice as much as I can.

Barre: Life has caught up with me a little bit. Between being sick and exhausted while I’m getting all these tests done on my stomach, plus things being crazy with work and travel, I’ve cut back my schedule at the studio quite a bit. I’m now teaching about 3 classes a week instead of 5-6, and I’m finding it a lot more manageable for both my health and my stress. As an added bonus, I finally convinced my mom to come take my class while she was visiting this weekend! I think she thought she wouldn’t be able to actually do all the moves, but she totally rocked it.

And then she spent the whole day working on my yard because she is super woman

Panicking:  I can’t believe it, but I leave for Nepal in just 25 days! It’s amazing to think that the trip I’ve spent years dreaming about is finally here, given that I bought my plane ticket back in January! I am so looking forward to it, but I am also a little anxious for a few reasons. First, with the exception of Nicaragua, which was technically a work trip, I have always worked while I’m on vacation. I will need to take a full two weeks off for Nepal, and while I’m extremely fortunate to be able to do that, it is also very nerve-wracking when we have so many big projects right now. It’s also not ideal timing since I take my test about 2 weeks after I get back, so I’ll have to bring study stuff with me. Add that to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what to pack since I have to carry it all on my back (except all my KUHL gear, which is literally all I will be wearing while I’m gone). It’s petrifying. Anyone ever hiked in Nepal in October and have any must-bring suggestions?!

1nertt-1 And now for your Nepal geography lesson!

Running: Oh, that’s so cute.  What a nice idea! With my stomach and just overall feeling terrible, I’ve been running very little. I did get out for a very short run on Friday morning, but then I woke up with horrible back pain on Saturday (like, needs major pain meds kind) that has lasted until today. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but I learned a long time ago not to run when I can barely walk. So for now, I’m just trying to baby my back. Maybe one day I’ll be back to running consistently. Just call me “T-Rex Rester” in the mean time.

tumblr_och55qcmdb1ql5yr7o1_500-1 Me these days.

Thinking: I’m spending a lot of time right now trying to figure out what I want my life to look like. One thing I know for sure is that I want to have more time to spend with AJ and to feel less frantic on a daily basis. Since my busy-ness is often self-induced, I realize that no one can solve that problem but me. Given how crappy I’ve been feeling health-wise lately, it needs to be a priority to reduce stress and improve my well being. I think reducing my schedule at barre is an important component of that, but it’s not the only component. I think, like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. That means that I need to actually practice relaxing, practice reducing my workload, and practice being more present. I can’t expect it to suddenly just happen. So, I’m making steps in that direction!

tumblr_od39o3winl1ql5yr7o1_500-1 Not me. But maybe eventually me, minus the felony.

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