I think I’m actually enjoying writing up these little training logs in spite of myself. I normally find this kind of thing boring, but writing about it has been helpful to reflect on what I’m doing well each week and where I can improve. I also love hearing your feedback and suggestions on training tips, since I need all the help I can get! Here is a list of Week 4’s workouts:

  • Scheduled: 3-5 miles easy (9:26-10:27 pace) What I did: 4 miles at 9:57 pace
  • Scheduled: Rest or 3 miles easy (9:26-10:27 pace) What I did: Rest. I decided to take the shortest optional workout and ditch it in favor of some long walks.
  • Scheduled: 1-3 miles tempo (8:31-8:50 pace) What I did: 2 miles at 8:00 pace, plus warm up and cool down
  • Scheduled: Rest or up to 5 miles easy (9:26-10:27 pace) What I did: 4.3 miles at 9:46 pace
  • Scheduled: 10-12 miles long run with 5-8 minutes strong finish(9:29-10:50 pace) What I did: 11 miles at 9:33 pace with last mile at 8:00 pace!
Keeping my goals on my mind during those hot mornings! Hat from Headsweats

I definitely had some of my best runs this week. I didn’t look at my watch at all for my easy paced runs and just did what felt the best. My tempo run was way too fast, but it is what it is. I was most excited about my long run, for a lot of reasons! First, AJ and I went to North Carolina to visit my family for Fourth of July, so I had some running partners! My cousin Amanda accompanied me for the first half of my run and my mom biked alongside, and between their company, a nice flat route, and some shade, I ran a little faster than usual.

So fun to have my cousin along with me! We look eerily alike sometimes.

I picked up the pace after she left, and T-Rex Mom and I finished out the last half of the run. Despite the humidity, I felt fantastic and kept picking up the pace. I knew I had a lot left in me for a strong finish at the end of the run, so I tried to run the last mile at tempo pace. I ended up running at 8:00 pace again, which is the same as for my strong finish last week. It was so nice to have a really strong run like that!

T-Rex Mom is the greatest long run supporter ever!

Things I did well: I was extremely proactive at caring for myself “running-wise” this week. I did tons of foam rolling each day, did some extra stretching, got a massage to loosen up my IT bands, and made sure to space my runs out appropriately. It definitely paid off, and I noticed a big difference in my long run this week, which was very exciting! It can be hard to do those little maintenance things each week, but they pay off for sure. Thankfully, core work and strength training are covered by teaching barre! I also continued on my streak of 10,000 steps per day (haven’t missed a day since June 13).

On my rest day, I took some long walks with this guy and found out that despite generally hating water, he really loves laying down in the creek when it is 95 degrees.

Things I can improve: I basically treated my body like a human garbage disposal for much of this week. I drank way too much wine, ate way too much junk, and just generally overindulged. I have not been feeling great or sleeping well and I’m 100% to blame for that! I know my runs would improve even more if I can clean up the diet and other parts of my life, so I’ll be focusing on that going forward. I also have noticed that I have a really hard time rehydrating after a run of ANY length (and I drink 100+ oz of water a day), so I am going to try adding some electrolytes into the mix and see what happens.

With that, another week of training is in the books! It’s hard to believe I’ve been following this plan for 4 weeks already. I’m loving the progress I’m seeing so far!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What “little” aspects of training do you have a hard time keeping up with? Stretching, nutrition, foam rolling, core work?

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