Well, folks, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. I’m an anxious person who can’t concentrate on good news if I know there is bad news to be told, so I’ll tell you guys the bad news first.

You know how I’m supposed to be going to Latvia this morning? Well, turns out I’m not going after all. Remember how I said I was pretty sure I was going but there was a small chance it could still be canceled? Well, that small chance happened. My trip was canceled about 36 hours before I was supposed to fly out. Basically, it was too difficult for the race committee to coordinate my flights from the U.S. to Europe and then from a European hub city to Latvia and back, because the inter-European portion would be flown on standby on their sponsor airline. They couldn’t guarantee that I would make it to the race on time, which would obviously defeat the purpose of me going to cover said race, and they also couldn’t guarantee that I’d be able to make my flight home. The race directors were extremely apologetic and we’re hoping it will work out for next year, but I’m bummed! Oh well, it happens, right? Travel logistics are tricky.

I’ll get over it eventually, but for now I’m going to Kim-Kardashian-ugly-cry

So, that brings us to the good news! It’s funny, because when I told you guys about Latvia, I figured that trip was far more likely to happen than the other one I’m about to tell you about, which I really didn’t expect at all. But it did! I can definitely confirm that I am heading to the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda on Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend in May) for the Run in Paradise half marathon!

I feel like my blog is rapidly becoming one big geography lesson and I’m pretty into it, to be honest.

I got my flight confirmations last week and this one is 100% a go. I’m working with my contacts on the island to put together a really exciting and adventurous itinerary – just the way I like it! I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you and tell you all about my experience at the race! I’m expecting sweaty, sandy, and sensational.

Yeah, running here doesn’t seem so bad.

I’m definitely bummed that it didn’t pan out for me to go to Latvia, but everything happens for a reason and I can’t exactly complain about the number of awesome travel opportunities I’ve had lately. Maybe I’ll get to go to the race next year, who knows? For now I’m focused on planning a kick-ass itinerary for Antigua and Barbuda that shares all of the beauty of the islands with you. I can’t wait!

The course is described as “challenging” so that should be fun

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