We’ve got a big travel news announcement over here today! Maybe you guessed it from the title, but I’m obviously going to Morocco! Haaaaaa, I am so tricky. No, really, I’m going to London! Hooray!

Ok, so I’m not really going to London itself, BUT…drum roll please…I am headed to England for a long weekend ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! This is the first of the two travel announcements I mentioned in my recent post, and although I’m not quite ready to announce the second one just yet, this one is a definite GO!

I have been waiting YEARS to use these GIFs. Years, I tell you!

Right, so, why the hell am I going to England, and where exactly am I going? Well, as of less than a week ago, I had no plans whatsoever to go to England. However, I knew my friend Lisa’s 100th marathon was coming up in April, and she and I have become really close friends since meeting in Jamaica. We email regularly and she’s become a huge source of inspiration and guidance for me as a writer, runner, travel, and person! My little brain started churning at the thought of maybe using frequent flyer miles to get to the race, since AJ is going out of town that weekend anyway. And then my brain started churning about covering the events (Lisa is running her 100th marathon on Saturday, April 16 and her 101st on Sunday, April 17!) for the Women’s Running magazine blog and of course here as well. I was able to secure press credentials for the weekend and will be running a portion of the Fowlmead Challenge (it’s a 12 hour event and you can run as many or as few miles as you’d like) and the 10k at Sunday’s Brighton Marathon and 10k, then running in the final miles with Lisa.

Although I will not be wearing this hat during the race, there is a surprise costume in store!

As previously noted, I’m horrendously out of running shape right now, but that’s ok. It’s not about my times this weekend, it’s about celebrating Lisa and her accomplishments and of course, seeing a new country! I’ll be visiting the southern coast of England and seeing lots of the countryside, which I’m very excited about! I will likely not have a chance to see much of London save for maybe a few hours on Monday morning, as it is a short trip and we’ve got races to run, but that’s ok – AJ has already made me promise him that I will go back with him one day.

While it will just be a short trip (only 4 days of actually visiting), I am so beyond excited that I am able to be there. My frequent flyer miles got me two non-stop flights and I’m staying with Lisa and her husband Graham for the weekend! I’m counting my blessings today and am excited to have the flexibility and capacity to take advantage of these opportunities as they come up. Stay tuned for more exciting travel news, hopefully coming your way soon! LONDON, BABY!!

Have you ever visited London or England?

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