Well, y’all, I’m back and about 2.5 ounces lighter – my gallbladder has officially been removed! T-Rex Mom flew up on Thursday evening so she could take me to surgery on Friday morning and help throughout the weekend. I went to the same surgeon who did my first stomach surgery (ironically, 3 years to the day before I had him take my gallbladder out), so we had to make the early trek down to Columbia and it was easier for AJ not to take the day off work. Incidentally, I wasn’t totally sure about this surgery. My surgeon thought that this would solve some of the stomach issues I’ve been having since November, but we wouldn’t actually know until he saw the offending organ. Well, apparently it was pretty inflamed and angry once he got in there and he told my mom it was definitely the right choice to take it out, so that is good news! Hopefully I’ll start feeling a lot better, since I had a gallbladder attack in the middle of teaching a barre class on Wednesday night – not exactly the most convenient thing ever!

The whole surgeryy went off without a hitch, and I was back home on my couch in Greenville (about 1.5 hours from Columbia) by 11 am and back to work. Yes, I worked from home the same day I had my gallbladder removed, because despite my boss insisting that PTO is supposed to be used for sick time, too, I much prefer to save it for actual vacations. Surgery is not a vacation. #sorrynotsorry for being so hardcore and/or insane. Fine, insane. The word is insane.


Anyway, gallbladder surgery is pretty easy as far as surgeries are concerned. I haven’t really been in any pain at all, just kind of tired and sore and not hungry. It’s nice not being hungry, by the way. Makes life a lot easier. On Saturday, we ran a few errands and then went out to go vote in the primary in a failed attempt to save this state from itself. Hey, at least we got stickers for our efforts. Interesting fact: in South Carolina, we do not register by party, so you can vote in whatever primary you want (but only in one of them).

We voted! And I wore my Lena Insulated Jacket because I am still obsessed with it and wear it every day.

But anyway, I’ve been getting out and about and even managed to head out for a walk with T-Rex Mom on Sunday afternoon along our lovely multi-use path here in Greenville, the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I got to test out some new gear from KÜHL, too: the Mova Straight hiking pants and the Moongazer hoody! The thing that really impressed me about both of these pieces was how functional they were while still looking like real clothes. Like – my mom wasn’t sure if I was wearing jeans or hiking pants because they look like real pants but feel like leggings! The same can be said of the Moongazer hoody; I tend to prefer my clothes to have a looser fit, but I love that KÜHL has found a way to make technical apparel stylish and functional. I can’t wait til we can actually go hiking – fingers crossed for decent weather and no more surgeries anytime soon!

A little sun would have been nice, but oh well.

So far, the doctor’s instructions for me say no mid-core work (aka crunches and the like) for 6 weeks. I’ll be back teaching barre on Wednesday, but instead of doing some of the core moves like I normally would, I’ll just quickly demonstrate them and then walk around the class. I will probably have to take it easy on some of the cardio elements for few days until I get back into the swing of things, but honestly I feel pretty normal, and at this point, I know my body. As for a return to running, I don’t think it’s realistic that I’ll be doing the Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon this coming weekend, but I might head out for a short run on Saturday or Sunday depending on how I am feeling. There’s no rush to push myself back out there, so we’ll just see how it goes.

That’s all the (gallbladder) news that’s fit to print! What did you do this weekend? Anyone else have any organs removed, or is that just me?

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