There is a pretty strong possibility you have never wondered what goes on during a typical day for me. I would totally understand if that is the case. Just in case you have been dying to know, now you do – here’s the play by play of my entire day on Tuesday, February 16 – a pretty typical day for me!

3:40 am: Wake up in terror that I have missed my alarm for class. Panic grips my entire body until I look at my phone and see I still have an hour and a half to go. Then, annoyance grips my body that I am awake at 3:40. Go back to sleep.

4:20 am: Sit bolt upright in bed, thinking I have missed my alarm for class. Breathe a sigh of relief when I look at my phone. Beat my face into my pillow, lament my inability to sleep through the night whenever I have to teach in the morning, and go back to sleep.

My brain EVERY HOUR starting at 3 am on the days I teach.

5:10 am: Actually wake up for class thanks to my alarm – which I have never missed, by the way. Not once in my life have I ever slept through or missed an alarm or appointment, but I am still terrified that I accidentally forgot to set it or that this will be the time I forget. Nevermind the fact that I literally set all my alarms for the entire week on Sunday night specifically to avoid this happening. I scroll through Facebook and Instagram to try and force my eyes open.

5:20 am: Finally force myself out of bed, wash my face, and throw on the clothes I laid out the night before. Double check my phone in case class is canceled on account of the ice we had last night. Alas, no such luck. I’m out the door by 5:30.

5:45 am: Arrive at the Barre3 studio and try to rouse myself into an energetic personality befitting a fitness instructor. Pray no one comes until right before class starts so that I can have as much time as possible to wake up my personality.

6:00 am: Class begins! I make my own playlists and I actually like them, so the music gets me going. Not going to lie – it’s a lot of Pitbull and Justin Bieber. I torture people for an hour and make them stronger, which puts me in a good mood.

It took like 5 attempts to time this picture correctly

7:00 am: Class ends and I wipe off the mats and barres. I attempt to take my own picture and fail horribly. This adds several minutes onto my normal routine, but I’m out the door by 7:10.

7:25 am: Arrive back home and immediately run upstairs. Jump in the shower and force myself not to stay in there too long and use all the hot water. I have to wash my hair this morning, which I usually prefer to do at night, but it’s a busy day at work today so I can’t have my head looking all jacked up.

7:36 am: Out of the shower and start drying my hair, which is the bane of my existence. I decide to time myself out of curiosity and note that it takes only 4 minutes and 38 seconds to take my hair from completely soaking wet to totally dry. I spend some time pondering why I hate drying my hair so much if it takes that little time, but come up with no suitable answer. Wash my face, apply various moisturizers and makeup, curse the adult acne that still plagues me at 30 years old despite 2 rounds of Accutane. Remember that I have to dress up for work today and audibly groan. Attempt to pick out an outfit that looks remotely professional. Take many terrible selfies.

This reminds me – it’s time for a haircut.

8:03 am: Head downstairs and pack my lunch for the day. I make all my lunches for the week on Sunday, but I throw the snacks together in the morning. I typically eat a greek yogurt parfait in mid-morning, so I cut up some strawberries and add some granola to a container. Breakfast is 12 ounces of Fairlife chocolate milk, which has 13 grams of protein per 8 ounces. It is also extremely delicious, keeps me full for a few hours, and is fast. Wins all the way around! I leave the house by 8:10 am.

Not sponsored, just delicious! I’ll add greek yogurt to this for my mid-morning snack.

8:30 am: Walk into my office right on time, despite the best efforts of all of the other drivers in Greenville County. I get to my office anywhere from 7:30-8:30 depending on the day. There are only 3 people in my office and we all have flexible work hours, so we do what fits our schedules best throughout the week.

10:35 am: Take a quick break to eat my greek yogurt parfait and dump my lunch into my mini crock-pot. I get the plain yogurt and sweeten it with a packet of stevia – try as I might, I can’t stand the taste of plain greek yogurt on its own. Even mixing it with fruit and granola! I love it this way, though. I use my 10 minutes to call my bank and set up the final wire transfer to Rhodes Hall High School’s track and field team!! Then, it’s back to work.


12:41 pm: Lunch time! Today, it’s sweet potato chili with ground turkey and black beans, and I eat it right out of the mini crockpot at my desk. I usually eat something like this or a salad with chicken that I bring from home. I never eat lunch out of my office unless one of my bosses is coming up to visit. I’m a little nuts about it, but I always eat at my desk. Not only does it save money, it helps me to eat healthy throughout the day by bringing my own snacks and meals. Then, when dinner rolls around, I can afford to be a little more liberal with what I cook because I know I’ve eaten lots of fruits and veggies and protein throughout the day. I eat my lunch and then have a piece or two of dark chocolate – the meal doesn’t feel complete without it! I always work through lunch in some form or fashion, as well. This week, I’m working on my actual job in order to make up hours in advance of my gall bladder surgery so I don’t have to take the whole day off on Friday, but sometimes I write a blog post or knock out a freelance assignment while on my break. It’s really important to me to use the time I have during the day efficiently so that I don’t feel overwhelmed (well, any more overwhelmed than necessary) when I get home at night.

Mini crock-pot for the win! Love this thing.

2:00 pm: Conference call. This mostly consists of me exercising my super human ability to take meeting minutes verbatim. I should probably have been a court reporter – I bet they hear much more interesting stuff. 49 minutes later, I am emancipated.

3:03 pm: I have an afternoon meeting today, so I’m eating my snack a little early. Normally I’d eat closer to 3:30 or 4. My snack is usually a cheese stick and an apple, but I haven’t been as hungry lately, so I’ve just been eating the cheese stick. You’ll notice that most of my meals include cheese, and that is intentional. It is the greatest of all foods.

3:40 pm: Leave for the City Council meeting. It’s walking distance, so a short 10 minutes later, we’re there. My boss’s boss has come up from Columbia to take me, and I get to meet the Mayor of Greenville as well as several city council members. They meeting was actually pretty fascinating – the Chief of Police gave a public safety update about all of the initiatives the police force is taking to improve accountability and safety for the public and the police force alike.

And here’s a lovely picture of downtown Greenville that I did not take today because I do not know how I would have explained that to my boss.

5:19 pm: I’m back in my office and doing a final email check for the day. I set my schedule for tomorrow and head out the door at 5:30.

5:49 pm: Arrive home and take the garbage out to the curb, wipe up the kitchen, and get ready to run. AJ gets home a little later than usual, so I eat some random chocolate laying around the house because I have no self control and hey, he shouldn’t keep me waiting.

6:09 pm: Head out the door for a 4-mile run with AJ. I have a pretty nasty headache (I’ve been having them a lot lately) so I don’t really feel like going, but the weather is nice today and I won’t be able to run for a few days after my surgery, so I might as well. It ends up going pretty well – AJ is a running machine these days!

Dusk run through the neighborhood in my new Flying Pig Half Marathon shirt! Did I tell you guys I won a free entry to the race? Well, I submitted my story of Thomas, won a free entry, and got a free shirt out of the deal!

6:49 pm: Like I said, he runs a super consistent 10-minute pace! We head back in the door and I immediately start prepping dinner. Normally, I shower first and then make dinner, but tonight’s meal needs to cook a bit longer than normal. I never make a meal that takes more than 30 minutes of prep time – ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m making oven “fried” chicken using a gluten-free coating I found in the grocery store for half price, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner tonight!

7:09 pm: Head upstairs for a quick shower and to set out my clothes for the next day, since I’m teaching barre again at 6 am tomorrow. Normally, I don’t teach 2 mornings in a row, but I switched out my Friday 6 am since I’ll be in the hospital at that time this week!

7:19 pm: Back downstairs and working on freelance work. Our friend John comes over every Tuesday night to hang out and watch reality tv (Married at First Sight, anyone? Can we talk about Sam and Ashley please?), so he got here while I was in the shower. I’m working on my blog tonight plus a separate side job.

8:04 pm: Dinner is served! It’s a hit – the boys have cleaned their plates. It’s back to freelance while waiting for our show to come on.

This is our friend’s plate – I always give him the one that looks the nicest. Mine was mostly green beans with the slightly burnt chicken tenders and a less glamorous glop of mashed potatoes.

9:00 pm: THE SHOW is on! It’s ridiculous how glued we all are to this show. The premise is that three couples are matched up by experts and do not meet or know anything about each other – not even their names – until standing at the altar on their wedding day! They get really, legally married and decide over the course of 6 weeks whether they want to stay together or get a divorce! We are obsessed with the unbelievable awkwardness and tense moments.

Who says men don’t like reality tv?

9:41 pm: Time to put the kibosh on the work. I give up. I want to eat a cupcake instead. #treatyoself I also have one more lesson of Duolingo to do before I hit my goal for the day, so I spend a few minutes doing that. Gotta work on my Portuguese! I’m currently on a 47 day streak.

I ate half the red one (gluten-free chocolate torte!) and AJ and John split the other one

10:30 pm: The show is over (and the after-show, which I force the guys to watch) and I immediately shoot off to bed. It’s definitely not the ideal amount of sleep since I’m waking up again at 5:10 tomorrow, but it’s worth it to stay up a little later once a week. I know, my life is so exciting! I live so dangerously.

And that’s it! A day in the life of T-Rex Runner. Tell me what your day looks like!

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