YOU DID IT. WE DID IT! The fundraising goal of $2,500 for the track & field team at Rhodes Hall High School in Hanover, Jamaica has been met!! Thank you to everyone who contributed, and a special shout out to Don, whose donation put us over the top! You guys have seriously blown me out of the water with your generosity and kindness. I am still accepting donations of new and gently used running shoes, clothing and gear through the end of the month to: Danielle Cemprola, PO Box 26101, Greenville, SC 29616.

Don’t believe that you’ve made an impact? Check out the video below and watch the kids in their NEW orange uniforms in the sprint relay. Asani, the team co-captain, anchors the team and runs an amazing last leg to put the team on the podium – check it out! I got goosebumps.


This weekend has been just chock full of love. Love for you guys, of course, because your support for this team has been beyond anything I could possibly have anticipated or expected!

There’s love for my dad – it was his 60th birthday on Saturday! My dad and I are incredibly close and we are alike in a lot of ways. I get my sadistic love of negotiating for things (especially cars) from my dad, along with many other unique personality traits. We also love Seinfeld, Miami Dolphins football, Cuban food, and arcane vocabulary words (see what I did there?).

My dad and I used to be in this father-daughter group called Indian Princesses when I was a kid. We were in the Hopi tribe and we had a great deal of fun snarking on the weird father-daughter pairs in our group (one girl regularly threw temper tantrums underneath tables). Now that I think about it, this whole concept is pretty terrible cultural appropriation and undoubtedly pretty offensive, but it was REALLY fun and some of my favorite memories I have with my dad are from this group.

Then there’s love for my city and the friends that I call family. This weekend, our friend Tom (the guy who introduced AJ and I and was best man at our wedding) came up to visit. He was like “I hope I’m not intruding on your Valentine’s celebrations or anything” and we were like “Meh, we usually just order pizza,” so instead we all went to Moe’s, got cupcakes (there’s a baker up here that has awesome gluten-free cupcakes EVERY DAY!!) and then went to watch our local minor league hockey team, the Greenville Swamp Rabbits, play. There was a lot of violence, so I appreciated that, and the home team won! Even better – our tickets were $12 and we were about 7 rows up from the ice.

Me and my baes

And of course, there’s love for my sweet husband, too. He’s been super patient with me lately – I’m overbooked and overcommitted, as usual. I find myself with so many things I want to do and not nearly enough hours in the day to do them all. As I hem and haw over what I want my career to look like, how I envision my side jobs progressing, future travel plans, and more, I’m grateful to be able to talk them all out with him. I took him to a car show for Valentine’s Day and agreed to drive there in his “project” car – a 2004 Subaru WRX named Tina, of which I am terrified. After all, he makes a huge effort just by running with me and listening to all my drama – the least I can do is go look at cars for a little while without complaining. It actually was not so bad, and we got to eat bagel sandwiches, so I count it as a success.

And then this afternoon we went running in matching outfits because we’re THAT couple.

And of course, there’s love for running. Admittedly, this week has been tough on me running and schedule wise. I unintentionally ended up taking a whole week off between last weekend’s Long Run 15k and this weekend, and while it’s not the end of the world, I’m annoyed with myself for not managing my time better. While I know things with my schedule will only be getting more challenging with the next couple of months, I still need to prioritize running and get out there, even if it isn’t quite as far or as fast as I’d like. That’s the great thing about running, though. It doesn’t have to be perfect – in fact, it rarely is. Still, it’s always there when we come back, waiting for us. I love running so much I wrote a love letter to it: check it out here!

I want to SHARE the love, too! Here are some links I’m loving lately (not sponsored!):

Mile After Mile Podcast: Amy interviewed me a couple months back and my interview was her first podcast! Check it out here OR on iTunes and listen to her other amazing interviews, as well! She has a great interview style and asked me a lot of great questions – I loved speaking with her! She interviews everyday endurance athletes accomplishing amazing things, and you’re sure to find some inspiration from her guests!

Qore Performance President’s Day sale: All purchases get 40% OFF through tomorrow with code VPLOVE! There’s free shipping and free returns, so you’ve got nothing to lose! Email me at thetrexrunner@gmail.com if you have questions about fit or function and I’ll do my best to help!

Skyscanner: This is my current favorite travel tool! Not only does it find better prices than Kayak and Google Flights (in my recent experience, I paid $350 less for my flight to Nepal than the other sites could find), it also offers you the option to just find cheap flights to anywhere. No destination in mind? No problem. Just enter the airport you want to leave from, click “Everywhere” for your destination, and see the cheapest flights on your date! You’d be amazed where you can go for a few hundred dollars and some flexibility.

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