Winter is probably my favorite season. Now, take that with a grain of salt because I live in the Upstate of South Carolina and our winter is probably more like the fall of most places up North, but this is all I have to go on. In addition to the fact that running is really, truly comfortable and I tend to race my best times of the year, it’s also SKI SEASON! Much to my dismay, we don’t live close enough to any ski slopes to get up there after work on a random day or just pop up for a quick day trip, but at about 3 hours away, we can easily do a weekend trip.

We’re lucky to have a lot of friends who like to ski (with varying levels of aptitude), so we usually take at least two trips per year – one with our friends in South Carolina, and one with one of my best friends from high school and her friends (who are now our friends) in North Carolina. This weekend was the latter, and AJ and I were excited to finally head out, since the mountains had received a bunch of snow last weekend during Jonas.

Me and Tria ready to hit the slopes!

Apparently, so was everyone else in the entire world who has ever considered skiing. Now, let me be the first person to tell you that I am not the best skier on the planet. I know this. However, I do have control over myself on skis, which puts me considerably ahead of most of the population on the mountain. So, I introduce to you an abridged version of T-Rex Rantz: Ski Edition

1. People Who Stop in the Middle of the Most Congested Areas: Why is it that in the middle of a narrow area, a tight turn, or immediately after the ski lift, everyone just stops and sits there? Could you not? I’m really trying hard not to crash into you, but if you’re having a picnic in the middle of a tight turn and I hit an icy spot, I make no promises.

2. People Who Go On Slopes They’re Not Ready For: KNOW THYSELF, people. I am not a good skier. I don’t pretend to be. I go on the greens and blues, and I’m happy there. I will never go up to the blue-black or black until I feel like I can fly down those blues without a care in the world, which currently only happens about 50% of the time. So why, then, are there people who have blatantly never skied before going on runs that are way over their heads? Do you not realize what happens when you go on a ski lift that you’re not ready for? VIOLENT CRASHING. VIOLENT CRASHING IS WHAT HAPPENS. We saw not less than 10 stretchers go by with Ski Patrol this weekend.

See Danielle and AJ? They go on the green slopes. They are good at the green slopes. They do not crash.

3. The Terrifying Sound Snowboards Make When They’re Within 6 Inches of Crashing Into Me: WOOOSHHH goes the snowboard as its inexperienced rider flies past, cutting me off and then immediately crashing in front of me. I am developing a nervous tic regarding this sound because of how many times this happened this weekend.

4. When It’s So Hot Out That I’m Sweating While I’m Skiing: It’s weird to ski when it is 55 degrees outside. Not a cloud in the sky, so I wore just my t-shirt for most of the day until night skiing started. No chance to test out any of my new Kuhl gear, unfortunately, but we’re going again in a couple weeks hopefully! I can’t tell if that is the best of both worlds or the worst thing ever.

All of this is (mostly) in good fun, of course. I love skiing, and everyone has to learn sometime. Of course, I wish they would learn far away from me and/or just not stop in the middle of the mountain, but I suppose these are the sacrifices one must make in order to ski. I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to be actually good at skiing and have to dodge all these people while trying to fly down a mountain. Much like running, I don’t really “fly” so much as “gently coast along while trying to avoid injury.” So far, so good on that front. AJ? Not so much. He crashed and burned pretty hard and the wipe out was captured by our GoPro. I have included it below for your viewing pleasure – it’s at the very end of the video! Please note me “flying” onto the screen and “shredding” the slopes at about 5 seconds in.


Other mountain-related news? I have officially booked my flight to Nepal and am heading out in mid-October! Now that I have booked my flight and my trek, that’s pretty much all I have to do – the guide is taking care of everything else! I got a great deal on my flight after stalking prices for a few months, so now I am all set. Part of me can’t believe this is happening, and the other part is like “Damn right, it’s happening – you made it happen!” As much as I feel empowered in many areas of my life and am growing my belief in my ability to achieve my goals, I still can’t help but be surprised every time I actually do achieve a big one. I don’t take it for granted. Each time I follow through on a goal, it builds up my confidence and helps me to realize that I can (and will!) achieve the next one.


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