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You might notice something new about me… something a little cleaner, bolder, and dare I say, sexier? Yeah, no, you’re right, it’s not me, it’s my blog! I’ve been wanting to change the design for well over a year now, but I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I kept putting it off more and more until I was forced to confront the fact that my old slogan of “Stomping through the 50 States and D.C., one marathon at a time” no longer applied. Could I have just changed “marathon” to “race” and gone from there? Yeah, probably, but in addition to running, I want to write more about the other adventures I have across the globe, too. There’s been a subtle shift in the content on my blog and my attitude towards life over the past year or so, and I wanted my design to reflect that.Thus, I knew it was time to make a change, but I was scared. Doing any kind of tech stuff outside of writing my posts is super overwhelming to me, and I was afraid I would lose all my content in trying to switch everything over. I shouldn’t have waited so long! I finally decided I had had enough and headed over to Etsy, where I looked through hundreds of blog redesign shops before deciding to work with Jana at Little Web Writing Hood. I asked a few questions and then took the plunge, plunking down my money and putting my faith in her for a total redesign from the logo down. I hope you love it, because I certainly do! There’s still some tweaks and updates to be made in the coming days, but overall, this is the new T-Rex Runner!

I should have done this years ago!

It only took 28 years, but I finally got pretty good at making New Year’s Resolutions a couple of years ago. In 2014, I resolved to make my life more interesting, and I succeeded wildly. In 2015, I vowed to make choices that benefited my physical, mental, and emotional health, and I’m proud to say that 2015 is probably the healthiest year of my life so far. Some examples of good decisions that I made:

  1. I ran my 50th and final marathon, allowing my body and mind to rest after years in pursuit of that goal.
  2. I stuck to running 3 times per week and 3-4 marathons per year, like my doctor told me to.
  3. I took my focus completely off weight loss, stopped counting calories, and allowed my body to find its “happy weight” – and it worked!
  4. I learned to look at food as fuel.
  5. I committed to a regular barre practice and became a Barre3 instructor – finally, strength training that I enjoy!
  6. I started using a planner, committed to a time management strategy, and found a way to balance the many pressures in my life without completely losing my mind.
Uhhh I think I forgot to tell you guys that AJ and I went to Arizona for my birthday. I’ll write about that soon, promise.

In fact, this year had me feeling so healthy and so positive that I actually bumped down from the highest health insurance plan my company offers (we’re talking ridiculously high coverage here, but ridiculously high premiums to boot) and switched to the lower one (still really good) for 2016. That’s confidence, my friends!

As 2015 drew to a close, I found myself thinking about more ways I could improve and become my best self. I’ve made tremendous strides over the past few years in a lot of areas, but one area that I know I can improve on is living with intention. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for me, living with intention means that I identify my values and my big goals and dreams – the ones I really want to achieve – and I take practical steps to work towards those goals and values and avoid making decisions that would bring me further away from them.

A long time ago, when I was still really struggling with my eating disorder, I mentioned to my therapist that I really wanted to get healthy before I ever had kids because I didn’t want my disordered behaviors to negatively impact them. She nodded thoughtfully and said, “Well, do you expect to just wake up healthy one day?” “I guess not,” I said, “but I’d like to think that I won’t still be dealing with these issues by the time I get to that point.” “Right,” she said. “In order to get to that point, though, you have to practice healing. You have to make steps every day to get better and recognize that there will be steps forward and leaps backward along the way. You have to keep moving forward and working towards that goal, or you’ll never achieve it.” It seems silly, but that was a light bulb moment for me. Like, wait – things don’t just happen? We don’t just suddenly wake up healthy or happy or in Nepal – we have to actually take steps for years to reach that point and achieve our goals? How profound.

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen Hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

This is all there is

My resolution for 2016 is to live with intentionNo more just talking about things I want to do without actually taking steps towards doing them. No more espousing values without living them.

Now that that nebulous BS is out of the way, let me give you some practical examples. There are three big trips I really want to take before I even think about having kids (which we are not currently thinking about). These are:

  1. Trekking in Nepal
  2. An African safari (and possible Mount Kilimanjaro climb)
  3. A trip to New Zealand

And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’re thinking “Damn, that’s going to cost a lot of money.” And you’re right. None of those trips are cheap. They all require a lot of vacation time. They also require a fair amount of chutzpah and a willingness to step way outside my comfort zone. Fortunately, I have plenty of chutzpah and my comfort zone has been expanding with each passing year. What I also have is a bit of an impulsive streak and a lot of wanderlust, so I sometimes work myself into a fit and book trips to places just because I can’t stand the idea of not going anywhere for awhile. Hey, at least I’m honest. But living with intention means that I need to take steps that get me closer to my goals, not farther from them. That means saving my money and not blowing it on random purchases of yet another pair of yoga pants. It means planning out my trips at the beginning of the year to make sure my travel schedule allows me to do the things I really want to do, even if that means doing a little less throughout the year. It will probably mean working a little (or a lot) more overtime than I already do. It will definitely mean sacrifice.

I’m coming for you in 2016, Nepal! Photo source here

I’m not just focused on my travel goals for next year, though. When I do spend my money, I want to see a return on my investment. Will this item benefit me in my career, my education, or my happiness in some way? When I choose how to spend my time, I want to know that it was time well spent. Does this activity help grow my relationships, help me relax, or encourage an accomplishment? Am I using my time wisely?  There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. I just think that actually slowing down for a second to think before I speak, act, or spend will help me identify what I really want and further mold my life into what I want it to look like. So this year,  I’ll be asking myself the tough questions and encouraging relentless forward progress. 2016 is the year of intention, and I intend to make it a great one.

“Such a simple concept, yet so true: that which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.”
― Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

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