The Procrastinator’s Guide to Last Minute Gifts

I am actually not a procrastinator in most areas of my life. I hate the stress that procrastination brings and I don’t feel like I do my best work at the last minute. However, I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping! All those “last minute gift idea” lists were made for me, as was Amazon Prime. Seriously, there have been some years when my family and friends would have nothing under the Christmas tree/next to the Menorah were it not for Amazon Prime. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I always think I have way more time than I actually do to get things delivered, and then BAM, it’s December 23rd and I’m looking up holiday store hours and praying that Walmart suddenly started carrying Subaru parts (AJ is a bit Subaru obsessed, but I digress).

And so I present this list to you of things that you can order right now and still get delivered by December 24th. Hopefully there is something for everyone on your list! These are all things I personally use or have asked for this holiday season.

For the Traveler:

The Nemo Fillo Pillow has changed my life! The pillow has a layer of memory foam and can be blown up to the height you find most comfortable. It also comes with its own internal stuff sack that allows you to compress it down to the size of about two fists! If you are using one of those “U” shaped neck pillows, please cease and desist.  I take mine on every single trip I go on – whether it’s a plane ride, a camping trip, or an uncomfortable hotel, this pillow has saved my sleep more than once. It is worth its weight in gold.


The BEST travel pillow. Accept no substitutes.


The delivery date on this personalized travel map is a little iffy (December 22-28) but it is worth the wait! AJ and I own this exact map, and we bought one of the United States for my parents a few years ago because they travel all over the country in their RV. There are few things more exciting than sticking a new pin in the map for an upcoming or completed trip, and we get compliments on the map constantly.


One of my favorite things in our house!

For the Fitness Enthusiast

Whether you’re having trouble keeping warm on your winter runs or cool on summer runs, the Qore Performance hydration sleeve system is great for all kinds of weather! Insert the included cool packs when the temperatures heat up or a hand warmer/hot pack in the multiple pockets on the sleeve for winter weather. Even better? Use code “TRex20″ to get 20% off your order plus free two-day shipping for orders over $75.


Image from

For the Runner

MORE SOCKS. ALWAYS MORE SOCKS! Running shoes, while always needed, are not a great idea to buy unless you know your runner’s exact size and model, but socks are always a welcome gift. Socks, the gift normal people sometimes find boring and sad, is paradise for a runner because running socks are not cheap! Plus, they’ll make or break your run. Running Warehouse has a sale on Balega socks (my favorite!) right now and free two-day shipping on any order. That means you can order until 12/22 and still get them in time for Christmas!


These come in about a million colors and I’ve worn these in literally every marathon I’ve ever run.

For the Entertainer

I’m big into hand painted wine glasses because 1) I’m big into wine (in that I am big into drinking it, not knowing things about it) and 2) they’re cute! Anyone who is hosting a holiday party or dinner party throughout the year could benefit from these cute wine glasses, and they’re a great price. I just ordered a set (not these same ones, but similar) for a gift for this year! I’d recommend checking with whatever shop owner you choose to work with to make sure your order will arrive in time, but all of the ones I have worked with are incredibly willing to help if they can!


Love these!

For the Reader

Full disclosure – I am a book person. I love a real hard copy of a book and have a huge bookshelf full of all sorts of different genres and titles. That being said – I also travel a lot. In the ongoing quest to cut down on dead weight, I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite last year and I haven’t looked back. I love that I can buy books on my phone, computer, or the Kindle and have them sent straight there. The brightness is adjustable, the resolution is great, the text size is adjustable, and it’s so compact that it’s easy to bring anywhere. I can’t recommend it enough, especially now that the price has come down so much! And if someone you love already has a Kindle, consider getting them a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. For $10 a month, you get unlimited access to millions of titles – including new releases and best sellers. I just bought my membership a few weeks ago!


Plus, no glare!

For the Desk Jockey

I just came across this mini crock pot and HOLY CRAP, you guys. It’s a tiny crockpot that warms your lunch at your desk! You can beat the line for the microwave and avoid that nasty microwaved taste while thoroughly reheating your food. No more half-hot, half-cold lunch! LIFE CHANGING. Please, mom?


<3<3<3 Someone please buy this for me.


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