Off to Dubai, and a Training Update

I can’t believe it, but the trip I’ve been planning since March is finally here! And buy “planning since March” I mostly mean “I bought the tickets in March and then immediately neglected to do any type of planning until two weeks ago,” but you know what I mean. Back in March, Emirates Airlines was having a crazy sale on flights to Dubai from NYC – you could buy one ticket and get one free, but you had to get two tickets. After checking around to see who might want to come with me on short notice (the sale was only 24 hours long), I successfully recruited my best friend, Lauren! You may remember Lauren as the girl who nearly fought a homeless man in Japan. We’re hoping to avoid a similar situation in Dubai.


Get ready for more temple selfies! Well, mosque selfies.

So we head out bright and early this morning (Thursday) and fly direct from NYC to Dubai! I will be catching a flight from South Carolina up to NYC first, of course. We’ll spend a few days in Dubai before heading to Oman for a couple days, then head back to the UAE and hit Abu Dhabi for a day trip! It’s a whirlwind vacation for sure, but I love a good whirlwind vacation that’s packed with literally nothing relaxing and is nonstop from start to finish. It’s the only way to travel, my friends!

What does that mean for my training? Well, nothing good, but it obviously wasn’t a surprise that I was going on this trip, so I’ve planned my training around it the best I can. The reality is that I will not be doing a long run in Dubai thanks to a) time constraints b) the obscenely hot weather c) the required dress code for women (modest attire with knees and shoulders covered). I hope to get a couple half-hour runs in, but if I don’t…well, oh well. We’ll see what happens.

In the mean time, I’ve still been nailing my training! Despite the opening of Barre3 Greenville, some nasty weather, and crazy work deadlines, I have managed to get in all of my weekday runs and my most recent weekend long run. The highlight of my week was that one of my best friends, Amanda (we have run many marathons together) was here in Greenville for a wedding this weekend, so she got to spend the weekend at my house! I dragged her and AJ to the 7:15 am Barre3 class I was teaching and let me tell you, they were thrilled. Especially AJ.


This guy supports me in everything I do and is such a trooper!

I was really excited to be heading out for my long run after class because Amanda was coming with me! We got to run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, which is an awesome multi-use path here in Greenville that is almost 20 miles long. After bumping up to 3.5 hours last week, I took a slight step back this week to 3 hours. It was humid as hell but nice and cloudy, and the trail is beautiful and most importantly, pretty flat! I was barely sore at all after this run compared to how I have been feeling after my other long runs of late, which was a welcome feeling.


Forgot to take a picture while we were running, so this lovely post-run car selfie will have to do.

And this week before I leave has definitely been crazy. I’m teaching extra classes to make up for the ones I’m missing while I’m gone, trying to get as much of my freelance stuff done as possible so I don’t have to worry about deadlines, and squeezing runs in where I can while generally packing and getting my life together. My runs have been a bit shorter than normal, but I’ve made it a point to get out there and get my legs moving for at least half an hour on the days I’m supposed to be running. I’m really proud of how I am managing my time right now and how I am intentionally and joyfully making running a priority. Just 5 weeks to go til the marathon!

Look for some photo updates from the UAE and Oman coming soon! I’ll definitely be posting on my Instagram, so follow along!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Where is your next trip to? Do you work training into your vacation schedule?

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