Nathaniel Pawthorne, and Other Stories

My friends, the train keeps on rolling. What train? All the trains. The marathon training train (that makes me laugh), the home improvement train, the barre instructor train, and the crazy work train are all still moving. Sometimes it feels like they’re all racing towards me at a thousand miles an hour and about to collide, but that’s neither here nor there. The important part is that we’re moving forward!

My parents came over this weekend to help us continue working on the house. Have I mentioned how awesome they are? Our guest bathroom is still in the works, and I’m working on reupholstering a chair. With everything that has been going on, we hadn’t hung up any pictures and lots of stuff still hasn’t been put away. Like it or not, T-Rex Mom whipped us into shape and we got a lot accomplished. Pictures were hung, the bathroom is mostly finished, and that chair…well, it still looks like I stole it from a hobo, but my mom is taking over, so I have faith. Pictures to come soon! I also finally made a wreath. After seeing a million cute wreaths on Pinterest and then looking at how much they cost on Etsy ($80 – ha, I think not), I decided to make my own. I think it came out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

img_2028-1024x1024-1-2 Took maybe 20 minutes and cost about $20!

The best part about when my parents come into town for the weekend is that my mom comes on my long runs with me. I’ve been feeling really good lately and not dreading my long runs at all, but it is still nice to have some company from time to time. I had a slight cutback week this week after upping my long run mileage for 3 straight weeks, so I ran 2.5 hours on Saturday. My mom and I got up early and she rode one of my bikes next to me and handed me snacks and water the whole time. It definitely made the time go by faster and it’s always great to catch up. Overall, I had a slightly reduced running week due to time constraints, but I did make the most of it by turning the runs into “speed” work. I use that term loosely because speed for me these days is certainly relative, but they were definitely my fastest miles in a long time. I’m loving doing my long runs at a much slower pace, but I’d like to occasionally incorporate some faster workouts too. Nothing too organized – that seems overwhelming – but I enjoy a few faster tempo-style miles here and there. It was a good training week!

img_2016-2 You can count on me for pictures to make you feel better about your post-run look. T-Rex Mom obviously looks lovely.

In the most exciting news of all, I FOUND A KITTEN THIS WEEKEND! You may not know this, but I am a huge sucker for stray animals. Actually, you probably do know this, because I post pictures with random stray dogs from all my trips. Anyway, I was leaving the grocery store on Saturday night and noticed a tiny kitten sitting in the parking lot, right in the middle of the road. I pulled my car over so I could see if it was ok (it looked like it had been hit by a car since it wasn’t moving) and it ran over to a drain. I checked the drain to see if there was a family of cats in there, but he was solo, so I grabbed some of the cheese I just bought and started luring him towards me with cheese. I built his trust up over about 20 minutes and eventually got him far enough out of the drain that I could grab him and get him in my car! He was not very excited about that.

img_2017-e1442350812826-768x1024-1-2 Night #1: Not very excited about me, but very excited about food.

I immediately named the kitten Nathaniel Pawthorne, after a cat on a show I used to watch about 10 years ago called Still Standing. Do you guys remember that show? I’ve wanted an orange tabby named Nathaniel Pawthorne ever since, because it is hilarious. Anyway, I knew before I even got him into the car that we would not be able to keep him because of my dog (he has an intense, fiery hatred of all other animals), but I certainly wasn’t going to leave him in the parking lot! The little guy is so sweet and after he got a few good meals and got over being so scared, he turned out to be super cuddly. I was lucky to find him a good local home today, so although we are really sad to see him go, I’m happy he has a great forever home! I’m gonna miss this face, though.

img_2051-e1442351193798-768x1024-1-2 LOOK AT THAT FACE

AJ and I will miss him, but I guess I can’t complain. Lots of progress made on the house, another long run in the books, a sweet new wreath, and a great new home for a rescued kitten? That’s a pretty good weekend, if you ask me.

LEAVE A COMMENT: Do you take in random stray animals, or is it just me?