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I’m happy to say that with the completion of the cedar chest, it seems like we’re having a bit of a snowball effect around here these days. I started thinking about what projects we have finished for the house and realized that we actually have done quite a lot! While I don’t intend to post any tutorials (because I’m no expert and this is kind of a running blog), I thought I’d share some before and after pictures of projects from our new house! If you’re particularly interested in learning how to do any of this stuff, email me and I can point you in the right direction!

First up, the half bath! It had palm tree wall paper and a dark wood vanity. We painted directly over the wall paper and painted the vanity white! That’s T-Rex Mom, hard at work.


Next, the front door was sanded and painted. We actually painted the entire outside of the house, but I feel like it is probably a bit creepy to put the outside of my actual house on a public blog, so you’ll have to miss out on that, unfortunately. The outside was a yellowy-beige that did not compliment the brick on the house, and the shutters were bright blue. The front door was previously painted the same blue as the shutters of the house, which struck fear into my heart. We ended up hiring a painter to do the exterior of the house, which is now grey with navy shutters and this stunner of a door!

Upon looking at this, I realize the wreath is off center and I will go fix that immediately. The kickplate is also going back up soon!

One of the biggest projects we’ve taken on so far is removing the carpet from the upstairs hallway and the master bedroom and replacing it with wood flooring. The carpet was pretty thin, dirty and beat up, which added a lot of support to my general anti-carpet campaign. The walls in the entire house were also a pretty generic beige, so we have been working on painting.

Bedroom before (hallway is the same carpet)

So we painted the hallway a light grey and the bedroom a slightly darker grey (can you tell what my favorite color is?).We ended up going with a laminate because our dog has the world’s longest nails and he tends to tear wood apart. The process definitely was not easy (AJ and my dad bore the  brunt of that effort) but it looks amazing! Of course, we have not put up any decorations yet, but it’s a start.

Bedroom after! Still not a professional photographer.


And finally, I am almost done with a dresser for the guest room! I got this bad boy on Craigslist for $40, and boy was it ugly. I knew it had greatness underneath, though!

Before: Pretty hideous and beat up. I had already taken the bottom two drawers out to paint them.

I do need to put another coat of white paint on the drawers since they are not as bright as the rest of the dresser for some reason, but the whole process was relatively easy. I just sanded down the dresser and then used paint we had left over from other parts of the house. As you can see below, I also painted the sides of the drawers because I thought that was kind of fun. And the map! I bought that at a local dollar store and used Modge Podge to glue it to the top and then two coats to seal it on. I cannot resist travel themed decor, and the guest room will have lots of pictures from our travels!

After! I’m adding drawer pulls as well, and those will arrive this week.
Painted sides of the drawers! AJ and my mom said this is pointless, but I think it is fun.

Other recently completed projects include my refinished cedar chest and bookcase! I’m also in the process of reupholstering two wingback chairs that I am SUPER excited about. We are also in the middle of a re-do on the guest bathroom and are getting ourselves organized to replace the carpet on the stairs with wood. Yup, there is plenty going on around here. I love seeing it come together! There are so many more projects to be done, but I am trying to remind myself to have patience. As I am constantly reminded, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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