On Not Throwing in the Towel

I’m standing in my kitchen typing this as I cook dinner between work, taking Rocket to the vet, and barre practice. Life these days sometimes feels like one long exercise in time management and making every second count. But that’s kind of what life is, right? Not wasting a second? And while that doesn’t always mean being productive and never sitting down and taking a break, to me, it means making every moment count for something. After all, we only have so much time here.


Everyone at the vet’s office just adored him. I mean, how can you not?

And I’m telling you that to tell you this – I’m not giving up. Not today, at least, although tomorrow I may feel differently. I’m on a roll the past few days. I finished painting the bookcase I’ve been working on (finally- chalk paint is not for the faint of heart, my friends), I started a new project I’m excited about,  and most importantly…I went for a long run.


Yes, I know that is an abysmal before picture. Just imagine your stereotypical Craigslist laminate bookcase. It cost $25. The after is much more appealing!

But let’s back up. I went for a short run on Thursday and felt pretty good. I’m not running fast these days (not even fast-for-me), but still, I had some pep in my HOKAs. I ran for about an hour and the whole time, I was thinking about what to do about a fall marathon (or two, or none). I went through my obligations for each weekend between now and the two races I’m looking at and I realized that with some dedication, a nice easy pace, and a little luck, it’s possible. Since I’m running by time these days and not by distance (haven’t worn my Garmin in months), I mapped out approximately how long I would need to run on each weekend and figured I would just take it week by week. This past weekend called for a two hour run.

I set out from my neighborhood with no real plan at all other than a vague idea of places to run that wouldn’t totally get me lost. The weather was cool and overcast (relatively speaking, for a South Carolina August morning) and I decided to run more by feel than by constantly checking my heart rate monitor. I’ve noticed that every time I look at my watch, my heart rate goes up from worrying about if I’m on the right track or not! Ridiculous. I still checked it from time to time, but not obsessively.


No photo has yet to adequately capture the amount of sweat pouring off me, but I keep trying.

I’m happy to say that despite the hills, how out of shape I am, and the fact that summer is still hot, even when it’s cool, the 2 hours went really well! I never felt like I was dying. I only walked for a little bit after some huge hills when my heart rate was way too high. Did I feel like I could run a marathon? No. But I feel like I can run for 20 or 30 minutes more next week, and 20 or 30 minutes more the week after that.

I don’t know where this “training” schedule, if you can call it that, will take me. It may or may not result in a finish line any time soon. What I do know is that I’m excited about running right now, and I’m determined not to let a busy schedule get the best of me and steal my joy. The pressure is off and my game face is on.

Oh yeah, and no big deal, but…I’m officially a certified Barre3 instructor!!


And by “no big deal” I mean MASSIVELY HUGE DEAL

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