After seeing my friend Allie’s hilarious questions and answers post featuring her five year old twins and what they think about her running (and biking and swimming), I was inspired to ask my husband some questions. Now, I’m pretty sure I know what he thinks about my running (he thinks I’m nuts) but I was genuinely curious to know how much he had actually observed about the day-to-day details of my routine since he’s not the most observant person on the planet, bless his heart. I was pleased to find out that he understand considerably more about my running routine than a five year old, so that’s something. Italics are my own comments on his answers.

What do I eat before a run? Tacos.  Or healthy food, I guess. (I actually don’t usually eat before I run…but if I did, it would be tacos. Also, I do appreciate that he knows that I eat “healthy food” but I guarantee you he does not know what that healthy food consists of.)

Someone please buy this for me immediately.

How far do I run every day? About 5 miles (Pretty close, although I don’t run every day).

What kind of running shoes do I wear? HOKAs, or as I like to call them, the grandma shoes. (Ok, but they’re like COOL grandma shoes.)

How many times a week do I go to barre or do a different workout than running? 5-6 times (Currently it leans towards 6-7…what can I say? I’m an addict. He wouldn’t know this because he is never awake when I leave the house, though.)

Finally made it to the 100 class club at barre this week! Pic from my Instagram

What is my http://instagram.com/thetrexrunneravorite race? Hatfield McCoy or Route 66 (Duh. Route 66 might have taken over just because I know and love so many people in Tulsa, but it’s close).

It’s hard to compete with this one!

Why do you think I run? I think the short answer is to keep yourself sane. The long answer is it’s something you’re in complete control of and helps you settle your mind and also keeps your heart healthy. I think it’s evolved over time. (Bless his heart, he gives me so much more credit than I deserve.)

What injuries have I had from running? Can I just answer what injuries you haven’t had? Hip fracture, your back issues, various back issues, countless sunburns. (Ok, rude. First of all, I don’t think we can count back issues twice. Second, I’m not sure a sunburn counts as an injury. Third, he missed my tibia stress fracture. On second thought, I guess he has made his point.)

Do you like going to my races? That very much depends on the race, where it is,  if it’s football season, and if they give away free beer at the end. Your average race, no, but your average race is tough to spectate. (So basically, no, he does not like going to my races.)

This is AJ’s actual marathon spectating face

Does my running make you want to run? Next question. (Ha!)

Let him say what he wants, but we both know the truth. The truth being that he doesn’t totally hate run-walking about 3 miles (and no more) once in awhile.

What have you learned from having a wife who runs? I’ve learned that the “I don’t have time” excuse isn’t valid for anyone who wants to run, and most people are amazed when you say you run marathons but half of them don’t even know how far it is. (Aww, how sweet! Also, we need a world wide race distance education program.)

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