In what has become an unprecedented commitment to strength training, I, Danielle, the T-Rex Runner, have now been strength training (with actual weights) for 2 whole weeks. Thank you for your applause. Sad that two weeks marks an unprecedented commitment to anything, no? Whatever. During the two weeks, I’ve also done a treadmill speed workout several times that, dare I say, I have come to enjoy.

No, really! It’s true! OK, maybe I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t actively hate it, and that’s something.

No, I still don’t know where most of the machines and weights in my gym are and I still am convinced that everyone notices me wandering around and they’re all like “Girl, bye.” True story: As of yesterday, I have actually started writing down the locations of some of the machines once I find them so that I do not lose them again.

Maybe it’s just because it’s something new and I’ve been into mixing up my fitness routine lately, but it’s been fun so far! I keep track of how much weight I’m using for each exercise and it is entertaining to see it increasing. While I’m not sure that I will ever be a total gym rat and only want to lift weights, you never know. Regardless, it is keeping fitness fun for me right now, and that is what matters! Well, that plus the fact that it’s helping my back, but you know what I mean.

Does anyone else miss Maury or is that just me? Ahh, a simpler time.

Perhaps even more surprising than the fact that I’m almost enjoying weight lifting is that I’ve come to actually kind of like my interval workouts on the treadmill as well. Granted, they’re short workouts of just 30 minutes, so it’s not like I’m on there forever, but still…I normally hate both treadmills and speedwork so it is a bit odd to find myself enjoying a combination of the two. I’ve also bumped up my speed just a little bit, which is very satisfying as well. While I’m not sure exactly how speed work on the treadmill will translate into speed on the road (and I don’t intend to find out until summer is over, because summer is the worst), I’m proud of myself for getting my heart rate up a little higher than normal and breaking out of my comfort zone.

It was on one of these treadmill interval runs that I actually realized what a full-on HOKA junkie I have become. See, I had worn old shoes to the gym last week because I was just planning on lifting weights and had no intentions of running. I ended up feeling like jumping on the treadmill for a quick set of intervals – just 10 minutes – and holy crap did I notice a huge difference! It felt like I was running barefoot by comparison, and I was shocked by how much impact I felt in my most recent (still cushioned and previously very comfortable) pair of  shoes. I guess it makes sense that I never really noticed it before because I basically started running exclusively in HOKAs as soon as I got my Stinson Lites and I never switched back and forth, but wow. What a difference! It’s crazy to think how much impact I had been subjecting my back to without even knowing it.

So it turns out I’m way too self conscious to take pictures of myself in a gym with actual people in it, so there’s a 90% chance you’ll just see this same picture over and over again. Or at least until I stay in another hotel. Sorry.

That’s it for me on the workout front for right now. I’m about 10 days out from the Casper Marathon and I’ll be writing a post leading up to that next week. In the mean time, I’m happy to be mixing things up and getting healthier!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Strength training – love it or hate it? Would you rather do your speed work on the treadmill or outside?

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