Out of My Comfort Zone

I’ve been doing some crazy things lately, you guys. Some stuff that is totally out of character. Some things that might cause you to worry about me if you knew me in real life and caught me doing them.

I have lifted weights at the gym twice.

I ran on the treadmill. On purpose. AND I DID SPEED WORK.

There are a few fitness activities I really despise: 1) lifting weights 2) running on the treadmill. And yet, I did both. Why?

Well, I am trying to come up with ways to improve my fitness that will also help my body and my mind. As much as I detest weight lifting (and as much as I try to convince myself that barre is all the strength training I need), my back is something I really need to protect. The stronger my body is, the stronger my back will be, so I’m trying to suck it up. And while I have no intentions of becoming the incredible Hulk any time soon, I do want to get stronger so I can protect this poor, sad, broken body of mine. I’ve been using some verrrrrry basic machine and dumbbell-based workouts that don’t intimidate me too much. In fact, the most intimidating thing about the whole process so far is trying to figure out where the hell all those stupid machines are in my gym, and why they do not appear to be in any logical order whatsoever. Would it not make sense to put all the leg machines in one place? I don’t understand. /rant over.


Do you even lift bro?

As far as the treadmill goes, that one had to do with trying to improve my fitness while reducing some impact and increasing my motivation. How could the treadmill possibly increase my motivation, you ask? Well, simple. I really, really hate running in the summer. It was in the mid-90s already this week and humid and I just could not bear the thought of running outside, so I decided to jump on the treadmill at my hotel gym. Recognizing that treadmill running is incredibly boring (to me), I decided to mix things up with some short intervals that I found on Pinterest. Holy hell, that workout kicked my butt! It’s been a long time since I have done any kind of speed work.


Wasn’t sure how the HOKAs would fare on the treadmill, but everything worked out just fine. Minus the excessive sweating, but that’s not their fault.

The good news is that I stuck it out, made it through, and was really proud of myself when I was done. The time went by fast and I didn’t feel any worse (or more numb) for the wear the next day. I won’t do speedwork or treadmill workouts all the time, but I can definitely see myself incorporating them a bit more this summer. I’m trying to mix up my fitness routine as much as possible right now to get me back in shape while encouraging a healthy mindset and a healthy back, and I have to say, so far, change is  good!

How do you mix up your workouts? Do you have a favorite treadmill interval workout that you want to share with me/kick my butt with?

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