First things first – in case you hadn’t heard, Team T-Rex shirts are on sale again! Orders close on February 15, so make sure to place yours now!

I’ve got a few inspirations for posts this week as well, so stay tuned. But first, a recap of my training for the week!

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Ran 4 miles, biked on trainer for 30 minutes (11.5 miles)
  • Wednesday: 1 hour barre class, biked on trainer for 30 minutes (11.5 miles)
  • Thursday:  1 hour barre class, 3 mile run
  • Friday: 1 hour barre class
  • Saturday: MGC Long Run 15k
  • Sunday: 25 mile bike ride outdoors

Monday was an unexpected off day. I had to head out of town suddenly to help a friend, so I missed my planned barre class and ride on the trainer and had to shift things around a bit. I didn’t mind taking the off day – it was a good thing for me! I wrote a post this week for Women’s Running that talks about why I don’t schedule rest days (i.e. I don’t take one every Monday, for example) and instead let them fall naturally based on how I feel or my schedule.

Hence why I do not schedule them

Since I ran 4 times last week but am not quite ready to do that consistently, I ran 3 times this week. Amanda was in town, so I was able to do all my runs with her! No Garmins again, just an easy pace and some girl talk. We also ran the MGC Long Run 15k on Saturday! I’ve never done a 15k before, and this is a great race if you are in the Columbia area. Swag included a nice gym bag (like a duffle bag), a long sleeved tech shirt, and a dog tag finishers medal since the race benefitted USO South Carolina. One of the best parts of the race was when a bunch of Army units ran by in formation in their PT gear while doing the 5k, singing the whole time! It was one of the most special race memories, and I wish I had my camera! We kept the pace easy and just enjoyed the perfect weather. I didn’t wear my Garmin, but we finished in 1:31 and some change for a 9:51 pace. I’ll take it! After the race, I rode my bike next to my friend Kristen for the last 6 miles of her first 20 mile run ever! She rocked it!

After the 15k! From Instagram.

On Sunday, Amanda and I ate a MAJOR slice of humble pie. We did a 25 mile bike ride – out first outside of the season, since we’re big wimps and don’t ride in the cold. The weather was beautiful but windy. You know what’s not the same as riding outside? Riding on the trainer! It just doesn’t prepare you the same way. We did a hilly route and nearly had our bikes knocked out from under us by the wind gusts more than once. I guess I need to be less of a wimp and get out on the road more, because that was ugly!

And finally – my dear friend and running companion, JC, is a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER! He ran a 50k every day for 21 days and now holds the record for most consecutive 50ks! He is an amazing person and friend, and he has encouraged and motivated me through more races than I’d care to admit. I’m so proud of him and lucky to call him a friend! I also feel pretty cool because this is basically the closest I will ever come to knowing a celebrity.

Me and JC together at the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon last September!

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