Training Weeks 1 and 2 Recap

I’m going to go ahead and try something I’ve never done before on the blog – recapping my entire marathon training cycle, week by week. Truth be told, I find mile splits and things of that nature kind of boring (I’m a hell of a runner obviously). However, I think it might be helpful this time, and I am hoping it will keep me accountable as well – if I don’t do a run on my training plan, I have to tell you! We’ll see how it goes.

A little background: the Hal Higdon plan I’m using calls for running 4 days a week. There is no speed work, it’s just all base miles. Since having my surgery, I’ve been running 3 times a week. My doctor and physical therapist said 3 times a week would be best to start and I might be able to work my way up to 4, but that’s it. I’ve now been running again for over 7 months, so I’m going to alternate between 3 days a week and 4 days a week for awhile until I see how it affects me.

Week 1: I was in the field/swamp for work most of this week, so I walked around all day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  • Monday – 1 hour barre class
  • Tuesday – 5 miles easy
  • Wednesday – 1 hour barre class
  • Thursday – 3 miles hard/tempo. This one should have been easy, but I had a lot of rage that day and I took it out on the pavement!
  • Friday – 1 hour barre class
  • Saturday – 1 hour barre class
  • Sunday – 6.5 miles easy. My first “long run” of training! 2 mile walk with the dog, yard work.

Notes: I had a lot of tightness and aching in my left calf/lower leg this week. I’ve had problems in this area since my stress fracture in my left tibia in 2013. I made sure to foam roll and stretch after each run but still had issues.

Week 2: Last week of the challenge at my barre studio! I’m getting in a minimum of 4 classes a week during the challenge.

  • Monday – 1 hour barre class, 3 mile run
  • Tuesday – 1 hour barre class
  • Wednesday – 40 minutes on bike trainer, 3 mile run
  • Thursday – 1 hour barre class
  • Friday – 1 hour barre class, 3 mile run
  • Saturday – 13 mile run <– oops
  • Sunday – 50 minutes on bike trainer, 2 mile walk with the dog

Notes: My first week of running 4 times was a success! The 13 miles on Saturday was a total accident. I set out to do 7, but ended up running the last 6.5 with a girl who was doing her first 18 miler and was going to have to do the last 6.5 miles alone. I couldn’t let that happen! I felt good and the pace was very easy. It was a big confidence booster, but I’m going to try not to make that type of thing happen too often.


Not gonna lie, this also crossed my mind.

General thoughts: The foam roller is going to be a very important part of my success during this training plan. I had AJ roll out my legs on Friday after my run, and they felt awesome on Saturday. I could have probably run another 5 miles! Also, as much as I love barre, I’m glad the challenge is coming to a close. It’s been challenging (see what I did there?) to fit in 4 classes a week and run 4 days a week, and I’d rather not work out twice a day too often. I think the core strengthening and muscle work I’ve been doing in barre is helping tremendously,  but I’ll be cutting back to 3 days a week for the most part.

I’m also not blind to the fact that I need to take a rest day. This is a huge struggle for me mentally and physically, but something I will certainly need to work on going forward. As you can see, I’m not using my Garmin to record my average paces, just running by feel. I plan to continue this for my entire training plan, if possible. It really helps take the pressure off, and I find I don’t really push myself less, I just worry about it less.

Finally, I’m also trying to work on my nutrition during this training cycle. I have a pretty decent diet minus the copious amounts of wine, cheese, and chocolate (I know, I’m so basic), but I could definitely stand to drink a little less and eat a few more vegetables, so that’s the plan! I started by making “mason jar salads” for lunch this week.


From Instagram

Yes, I know those aren’t mason jars, but you can only buy mason jars in packs of 12 and I really don’t like salads that much.

Anyway, I’m feeling good about my plan so far! I’m looking forward to spending a little more time on my bike as my schedule (and the weather) allows and scaling back just a tad on barre.

What are you training for right now?

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