A (Hopefully) Unique Runner’s Gift List

There’s about a million gift lists for runners floating around out there right now, but I like gifts and also lists, so you’ll be getting one from me, too! I did go out of my way to try and find some unique things not mentioned on your average list, so hopefully you won’t be disappointed! No affiliate links here, just stuff I think is cool and different.

1. Running Clothing for a Cause

I’ve talked about Run Janji on the blog before! This awesome company, founded by runners, sells running apparel (for both men and women) to fund clean water and other welfare projects around the world and here in the U.S. I’ve got a ton of their apparel, but I’m currently loving their capris! They are a mid-weight material and run a little small, but I think the print is super fun and versatile. They have a wide waistband and a roomy pocket with a zipper! I’m always looking for unique running clothes, and I love that Run Janji’s merchandise is different from what you normally see. It’s also meaningful and helps someone else, so you can’t beat that!


Please excuse the squinting, it was very bright!

2. Christmas Ornaments

Obviously not applicable for my Jewish readers (unless you own a Hanukkah bush or put up a Christmas tree anyway), but I love this idea! I’m a total ornament junkie and buy them everywhere I travel. I love when races carry them, and I love the idea of commemorating a special race with one!


3. Course Map Art

I don’t like a lot of stuff around my house collecting dust (despite what entering my house would tell you), so I tend to bring back wall art when I travel. I love the idea of having a simple, framed print of my favorite marathon route on the wall! This Etsy shop does custom orders, so you can have any route that you want. The hard part for me would be picking one!


4. Drinkware

Why run if not to drink more beer, amiright? No? That’s not why you run? Awkward. Well, these fun pint glasses and mugs from Gone for a Run are sure to be a hit with some runner you know. They are customizable with your name, race date, race name, etc! Perfect for all those “drinking clubs with running problems” that are out there!


5. This shirt.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes, this shirt says “They keep you alive” and features running shoes that look like lungs! Um, love. Even better? Proceeds benefit Fight Cystic Fibrosis.




6. An all-in-one race board!

This is pretty cool – a bib holder, medal hanger, and place to record your PRs, all in one! Not that you need any help remembering your PRs, of course. This one has sold, but if you contact the seller, you can get another one made. They look to be around $50, which is a bargain for this type of piece!


7. A guaranteed entry into the New York City Marathon

There is no way to do this, but if there was, I would already have asked for it. My birthday is very close to Christmas, after all – for once, it would be a gift worthy of the dreaded “combination gift!” No but seriously, can anyone get me into NYC?

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