Whew. What a weekend! And week. I worked a ton of overtime this week for a big project and it’s really thrown me off my schedule with obligations from school and my other work. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve got a lot going on like I do right now, I really struggle when I’m thrown off my routine. Everything in my life is planned more or less down to the minute until December, but of course, things never go as planned. One thing I’ve tried really hard to do is stick to my workout schedule no matter what, mostly for the matter of preserving my sanity during a rather stressful time.

So, this weekend I had another big bike ride planned. Amanda, Chuck and I were scheduled to do a metric century (62.5 miles) in Greenwood, South Carolina. The ride had been advertised as “mostly flat” compared to last week’s rather hilly 50 miler, and Chuck needed to leave at a certain time, so Amanda and I were determined to ride a bit faster than last week. As always, we arrived cutting it pretty close to the start of the event (Greenwood is about 2 hours from where I live) and rushed to get everything together before we took off. As we listened to the announcements, we heard Chuck’s number called as the winner of a prize, but we didn’t hear what the prize was, so we figured we’d find out later.

Amanda, me, and Chuck. Cycling clothes are the actual worst.

This ride was many things, but “mostly flat” was certainly not one of them. Terms like “mostly hilly,” “mostly windy,” “mostly hard,” or “mostly painful” would be more appropriate descriptions. We were definitely riding faster, but there was only so much that could be done in the face of the wind and hills. At one point, we were riding in close proximity to a woman who not a very experienced cyclist. We were on a hilly portion of the course (although really, what portion wasn’t?) and she would race down the downhills, pull in front of us, and then proceed to barely crawl up the hill, trapping us behind her.  I don’t know if it was just the fact that we were all exhausted by this point or what, but it was extremely rage-inducing. This happened for probably 8 hills in a row and we’d have to go around her on the hill each time, so eventually we decided to just sprint has hard as we could to get away. FYI – if you currently go to spinning class, the mental image of sprinting during the fast songs is what I employed to push myself past this woman. It was surprisingly helpful.

Around mile 47-50, my neck and shoulder were killing me because I couldn’t put my head down and stretch at all. Why couldn’t I put my head down? Apparently I am allergic to cycling and had a horribly runny nose. I also came unprepared and had no towel. No snot rockets were going to help me on this one – it was miserable. While last weekend 50 miles really seemed pretty easy, for some reason adding an extra 12.5 made me want to die. Except it wasn’t only 12.5 – no, the course was actually 65 miles instead of 62.5. This basically caused Amanda and I to have a mental breakdown. Chuck had already left us by this point in an attempt to make it home on time, so we were on our own, and the hills never stopped. We had been talking about doing a century ride (100 miles) sometime in the next few months, but the idea of riding another 35 miles seemed utterly insane by the time we were done, so we may have to reevaluate. For now, we’ve got to do better on another metric century before we starting thinking about that! At least the ride was really well organized, well marked, and had great rest stops. It also had great prizes!

What did Chuck win, by the way? Oh, only the greatest bicycle EVER. My prize was half off a car wash, which is basically just as good.

Are you kidding me? THIS IS THE BEST.

Today, Amanda and I ran 12 miles despite the shouts of hate and rage coming from our legs after yesterday’s little adventure. We spent much of our run talking about the importance of rest days and how hard it can be to fit them in sometimes. That’s something I’m struggling with right now – it seems like there are too many workouts each week that I want to do and not enough time to do them! Since AJ has not yet consented to the idea of me being a stay-at-home-fiancee, it can be challenging to fit in everything I want to do. As I write this, I haven’t taken a rest day in over 2.5 weeks. While that might not seem like a long time to some people, I can tell I’m exhausted and my body needs some recovery time. Still, the thought of taking a day off gives me insane anxiety because HOW will I get all my workouts done? As if that’s the most important thing in the world.

At this point, I’m committed to taking tomorrow completely off from working out. I’ve restructured the rest of my week and I think I can make everything work without killing myself. Of course, I can’t guarantee my friends and family won’t kill me, but it is what it is. Either way, I need to get better about scheduling rest days just like I schedule everything else.

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