I Skipped My Long Run

I skipped my long run this weekend. But first, if you haven’t entered my awesome giveaway from Qore Performance yet, DO IT NOW!!

I started out with great intentions. First, I was going to run on Friday morning, since I knew I had to leave fairly early on Saturday to drive down to Kate’s wedding. That plan was screwed up when I found out that I needed to go into my new job for a few hours for a conference call right in the middle of what would have been my run, so I decided to make Friday a rest day and go Saturday instead, even though I knew I’d be very tight on time. Of course, my legs were killing me (sore from a week of tough two-a-day workouts) and it was pouring rain, so I decided to give my legs another day to rest and figured I’d be less stressed running Sunday morning instead.

When I woke up this morning, I was exhausted and I really didn’t want to run, but I got up. I put my clothes on, strapped on the ol’ Garmin, ate a Kind bar, and headed out the door. With thunderstorms off and on, it wasn’t ideal, but I was determined anyway. Then I stepped outside. As I waited for my Garmin to find its stupid satellites, I thought “No.” I just did not want to go out there. Usually I can convince myself that a few miles will be fun and then I end up doing more, but today, I just didn’t have it in me. My legs still don’t feel right, I’m exhausted, and my stomach is in shambles, as it has been for the past few days. So, I went back inside, put my pajamas back on, and went back to sleep.


I know, I KNOW.

I can’t decide how I feel about it.

Part of me thinks it’s not a big deal since it’s definitely not the norm. I don’t tend to skip my runs or workouts regularly. We hear a lot that running should be fun or there is no point in doing it, but today, I knew it wouldn’t be fun. I was sore, my stomach was upset, and it wasn’t a good situation all around.

The other part of me wonders if all of that is a cop-out and I should have just pushed through. After all, there will be a point during the marathon when I want to stop, right? Not everything in life can be fun – sometimes we just have to do it. In theory, I agree with that, but for some reason I just don’t feel bad about skipping this run. AJ will be out of town next weekend, so I can devote my whole Saturday to the 16 miles I have planned. I’ll have time to run with my group and not worry about other obligations, and hopefully my stomach will be feeling better by then.

To stop myself from completely slacking off, I decided to punish myself with a few hours of group fitness classes in the gym. I started out with Zumba, which is basically my idea of fitness hell because I am so atrociously uncoordinated at it. I get a good workout, but I feel so ridiculous the whole time that it’s hard to enjoy it. And why is there always that one person at Zumba that is a freaking professional dancer and does all the moves THIS BIG and knows the entire routine without flinching? I spend half the class distracted by how this person can possibly be good at Zumba and forget to workout. I then did Bodypump, which I generally enjoy but which was really hard today. Also, the instructor could not stay on the beat of the song for the life of him and I kept getting distracted by  that. Hmm, I am sensing a theme…perhaps I am the problem. Nonetheless, I followed that up with Bodyflow, which was a new class for me and basically the most confusing thing of my life. “Yoga/pilates/tai-chi set to Top 40 hits? What? Oww oww oww my legs don’t bend like that owwww!” That pretty much sums it up. In short, I’ve learned my lesson and I won’t be skipping my long runs again for the foreseeable future.

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