I Put Ice Packs Down My Pants and It Was Awesome

The title means exactly what it says. I recently put ice packs down my compression shorts while running, and it was awesome.

Let’s back up.

One of my best friends from high school had been posting some articles recently about a new company he is involved with called Qore Performance. The company designs compression shorts and sleeves with built-in pockets that are designed to hold cooling packs or hot packs (like those instant hand warmers), depending on the weather. The guys that founded the company are golfers who were looking for a way to keep cool on the course during the summer, and they struck upon the idea of placing packs at strategic locations along the body’s main arteries that would help cool your core temperature.

short_front_pack-e1402070912724 Qore Performance shorts with packs inserted

The reviews for the product are already amazing, but they have a very specific application – golf. As I read them, I decided to text him to see if the company was interested in testing out the applications of their product for sports like running and cycling. To be honest, I just really was dying for something – anything – that would give me a respite from the summer heat. None of the guys in the company are runners or cyclists, so they agreed to let me test out the shorts and sleeve to see what I thought and if there are any potential uses for their product in the more active sports.

To start, the shorts are insanely comfortable. Instead of making them out of polyester blend like most moisture-wicking fabrics, they’re made of nylon. The shorts have mesh paneling along the femoral arteries and crotch, which helps keep things delightfully cool, shall we say. The 7-inch inseam length is appropriate for wearing under baggier shorts or alone, and there are no worries about chafing! Qore is working on producing shorter inseams soon for those who prefer less coverage. The rechargeable packs can be cooled by dunking them in cold water (they freeze at 58 degrees) or freezing them – I chose the latter, figuring it was the only way to beat the Oklahoma heat!

img_20140805_164517_965-1024x576-1 Close up on the mesh panels (with an appearance from Headsweats)

I took the shorts for multiple runs of varied lengths both with and without the packs. On shorter runs (45 minutes or less), they are golden! The packs stay nice and cold and you can truly feel the cooling effect. Does that mean I was cold during my runs? Um, no. It was 90 degrees with 80% humidity. There’s only so much these things can do. But those packs did give me cool spots to focus on that definitely improved my performance. Was it a coincidence that my first runs in the shorts were the fastest I had done since surgery? Maybe, but I don’t think so. That being said, for long runs, it is a bit tedious to recharge and replace the packs, so it’s probably best for workouts under an hour. The good news is that the shorts are so comfortable (and the mesh paneling so cooling in itself) that you can wear them by themselves and still have a great experience!

img_20140805_165203_665-576x1024-1 Because the internet can never have too many pictures of me in compression gear…ugh

These shorts are a game changer for me. I seriously want to wear them every day (Scott, send me more!!) even without the packs. The packs themselves don’t cause any chafing and they soften as they melt, so there is no discomfort or restricted motion. I can only imagine how awesome they’ll be when the weather is warm but not boiling!

I also tested out the arm sleeve, which features a space for one pack along the brachial artery. I didn’t think the shorts would be great to bike in, so I tested out the sleeve. Generally speaking, I hate arm sleeves, which is part of the reason I never carry my phone when I run – they’re too hot! Made from the same material as the shorts, though, this sleeve is cool and comfortable. I rode for about an hour, and although the effects of the pack wore off in about 45 minutes, I could definitely tell a difference! It would be effective on the run or bike, depending on which you prefer and what type of gear you like to wear.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Qore Performance gear will help you work out for longer while feeling more refreshed than usual. Will you still be hot if it is 95 degrees outside? Yes, obviously. It is not an ice bath. If you’re looking for comfortable, moisture-wicking, light weight gear that can help you stay cool in the summer with or without the use of ice packs and warm in the winter with the addition of heat packs, this is your product!

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Disclosure: I was sent the Qore Performance Compression Shorts and Arm Sleeve for free in exchange for my review. All opinions and effusive compliments are my own.