Things Are Looking Up

Well, I had quite the busy week last week! After what has been quite a lot of stress recently, it seems like things might finally be starting to fall into place. I’ve held off from talking about it until it all came to fruition, but now I can!

1. The Job – I got back to South Carolina a week ago. Ultimately, it didn’t make sense for me to stay in Tulsa and be away from AJ if I didn’t have a job out there. I decided I would head back home and continue applying for jobs in both South Carolina and Oklahoma to see what sticks. As sad as I was to leave Tulsa behind (and I really was – God bless those miles and miles of wonderful trails), it has been nice to be home. My main reason for coming home that particular weekend was that I had a job interview this past Tuesday that I needed to be home for! I had spoken with the company on the phone and thought the position and opportunity sounded really promising, so I was excited about the possibility. Sure enough, I was offered the job the same day as the interview, and after spending a day negotiating terms, I accepted! I’ll be doing work that I genuinely enjoy (lots of writing, of course) at a great, growing company that is small enough that I’ll be able to make a real impact. Even better, it’s a step forward in my career, and they were comfortable with me continuing to work on Ramblen on the side! Wins all the way around! I start August 11th.

2. A Great Run – Last week, I had a run where everything just clicked. I ran 5 miles and averaged under 9:00/mile, including one 1/4 mile walk break, and my last mile was 8:13! That’s probably my fastest mile of 2014. I was absolutely ecstatic, and even better, I allowed myself to just revel in the moment rather than thinking “So what, you used to run half marathons at a much faster pace than you did those 5 miles!” Ok, fine, I did think that, but I quickly pushed it out of my mind and decided to just be proud of myself. Of course, my next run was pretty crappy, but I had one good one. That means there will be more good ones! And I also did my long run in the pouring rain by myself this week – score one for mental toughness!



3. A New Car – This started out as a bad thing, as I certainly was not planning on getting another car this week! I absolutely loved my truck (Dodge Ram) but I started to have more and more problems with it. It wasn’t anything earth shattering – another new set of tires, a motor in the door that broke, faulty tire pressure monitoring system, and a bunch of other things – but they all needed to be fixed, and the costs were quickly adding up. I had a lot of miles on that truck, and the thought of starting a new job and constantly taking it to the shop and having to work around that was really stressing me out. I decided to go look at new-to-me cars and seeing if I could get a great deal. Interesting fact about me: there is almost nothing that gives me greater joy than negotiating for anything, but especially cars. I basically live for it. I love the research, the conversations, the back and forth – all of it.  Long story short, I worked out an incredible deal on my dream car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) with no increased financial stress on my end!

Awkward story: after I signed the paperwork, the salesman asked if he could take my picture with the car so he could put it on the dealership’s social media accounts. I said yes and didn’t bother asking him to send the picture since I figured I could get it off social media. So I went back and checked all their social media accounts….yeah, they have never once posted a picture of a customer with their new car. I’m feeling a little violated.

4. Wedding Stuff – I’ll be the first to admit that wedding planning is not exactly my favorite activity, but it’s a necessary evil. That said, AJ and I decided to really sit down and look at what we wanted out of the day. We decided we wanted something relatively small – 50 -60 people, with an outdoor ceremony, a casual reception, and a focus on all the stuff we think is important (food, alcohol, fun) and none of the stuff we don’t care about (table linens, dancing, extraneous flowers). This weekend, we made huge strides towards getting everything planned out and booked, and we are so excited!  The wedding will be April 11, 2015!


Why yes, our wedding reception IS at a brewery, thankyouverymuch.

Overall, things are definitely looking up! I’ve got a great giveaway coming up on the blog this week, so stay tuned!

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