Konnichiwa from Japan!

Hi everyone! I’m having a great time in Japan and so excited to tell you all about it when I get back. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the past few days to whet your appetite!

I’m also here to post that I will not be running the Tokyo Marathon. I will give more details when I talk about the trip overall, but my back has been giving out after runs of just 3 miles ever since Sedona. I have not gotten through a single run without being in serious pain and concerned about long-term effects on my back.  A marathon is just not an option for me right now, as much as that pains me to admit. But I AM doing the International Friendship Run (a 5k run/walk…probably mostly walk for me!)  here in just over a few short hours with some of my favorite Maniac friends, and I’m looking forward to that.

Anyway, Tokyo is awesome and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Wandered around aimlessly in the morning and found a shrine!


Artsy picture at the shrine


At the Senso-Ji shopping district in Asakusa – nailed the Japanese head tilt/peace sign pose


In front of the famous Senso-Ji temple!


Japanese department stores are insane and if I never go in another one, it will be too soon.


Woke up at 4 am to be one of the first 120 people in line so we could go watch a live tuna auction at the Tsujiki Sushi Market! Crazy.


This is breakfast when you’re at a sushi market at 6 am!


I had never tried sashimi before but I figured if I don’t like it when it’s fresh from a sushi market, I never will…turns out, it’s delicious!


In front of the Kabukiza Theater – traditional Japanese theater! We went to see a show.


Ginza district at night. Lights everywhere!


Made some friends at the world’s most crowded bar! The Japanese guys next to me were so sweet and kept telling us how much they loved America. When they found out where we were from, they chanted “USA! USA!” In a very crowded bar. Good thing we don’t stick out or anything.


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