Headsweats Newest Ambassador!

The good news just keeps on coming this week! First, I got to book my trip to South America, then Ramblen was mentioned in an article by Skift on Five New Travel Startups to Watch, and now this – I was just selected as a brand ambassador for Headsweats!

Each year, Headsweats picks a set of athletes to represent its brand and help spread the word about its products. Many companies do this, including ICEdot (which I am also a brand ambassador for), and I have considered applying for ambassadorships with various companies, but I’m the type of person who way overthinks things like that, and I want to be really, really committed to a company that I am representing – not just apply so I can get free stuff and whatnot. Does that make sense? When I saw that Headsweats was looking for ambassadors, though, it made sense – I already wear their gear during lots of races, so why not be a part of a brand I already care about?


Here I am in the GCI 50k wearing Headsweats long before I was an ambassador for their products! Proof.

Headsweats has a really awesome group of athletes that they’ve selected as ambassadors, including my friend Kino. Most of their ambassadors are extremely talented and fast triathletes, so your guess is as good as mine as to why they picked me. I got to fill out a rather entertaining profile, so check that out here!

What does this mean for you? Great things, of course! I’ll be getting merchandise for occasional giveaways, and most importantly, I’ve got a discount code that you can use for all of your running headgear needs! I’m getting some product from them soon and I’m looking forward to telling you about it! As someone with a very sweaty head, I know that I am not alone out there (ahem, Chuck) and there are plenty of you guys that are just like me and won’t leave your house for a run without a hat! Fear not. Headsweats can help! Just use discount code TREXRUN25 at checkout for 25% off your order at Headsweats.com! I don’t even get kickbacks or anything. I just want to save you money! As always, I am benevolent as hell.


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