Not Sure If That Counts

Ok, first things first. You guys saw this, right? TELL ME YOU SAW THIS.


Now, on to running-related matters. My training is in a really weird place right now because I still don’t really feel good – although I am doing a little better, thanks to the vitamins – but I’m still kind of running a lot. I take pretty much every other day off because running wears me out so much that I can’t really handle going two days in a row. I’ve been making poor AJ some pretty subpar lunches lately, and we eat a lot of take out because I’m too tired to cook. BUT.

There is a but.

On the days when I’m running, it some times goes a lot better than I’d expect. For example, despite only running 4 days this past week, I ran 45.5 miles. That’s pretty good, if  you ask me. I had one pretty good 3 miler, then one 12 miler where I got a horrible headache (as is inclined to happen every day now) in the middle and forced Chuck to walk with me a lot. I then ran 10.5 miles around Elgin and tried out a new pacing technique that I learned from my friend David. Basically, I gave myself 10 minutes to run the first mile. If I finished ahead of that pace, I would walk until the clock said 10 minutes. Then I’d start the process again, giving myself the full 10 minutes to run what was now slightly less than one mile, since I had walked a bit of the beginning at the end of the last 10 minutes. Does that make sense? As the miles went on, I would gradually bank more and more time, so towards the end I was walking something like 3 minutes between each “interval.” This not only kept my confidence up and my heart rate down (and limited the potential for passing out), it also allowed me to run the main portion of the mile much faster than I would have otherwise – usually around 8:30 pace. It was kind of like speed work over a long run. It made things interesting and actually kind of fun.

On Saturday, I had 20 miles on the schedule. The idea seemed ridiculous and impossible. My coach told me I could split it into 2 or 3 runs if I needed to in case I started feeling bad, just as long as I did all the miles on Saturday. I was determined to do it all at once, though. I woke up ungodly early and headed out to meet the Camden/Lugoff runners in 20 degree weather because I knew there was no way I would do it by myself. I have only run with them a couple of times and was really nervous about how bad I’ve been feeling during some of my runs – I didn’t want to embarrass myself! Fortunately, the freezing cold and the fact that I gave myself a B12 injection the day before (yes, I gave myself a shot…take a moment to be impressed) left me feeling pretty good, and I was really enjoying the company. Our overall pace was right at 9:05, and at mile 11, a couple of us stopped to run into McDonald’s and go to the bathroom.

Big mistake.


It was really hot in there, and between that and stopping running so quickly and sitting down, I got extremely light headed and felt like I was going to pass out. I started feeling nauseous, and I thought the feeling might pass once I got back outside for a few minutes and we stopped for water, but it didn’t. As we stood around for a couple of minutes, I just felt worse, so I decided to cut the run at that and go home to rest for a couple of hours with 11.25 miles in the books. I was really frustrated, but it seemed like the smart thing to do. After laying down for a bit, I headed back out by myself. 8.75 miles didn’t seem so bad, and I decided to use my walk/run technique from the 10 miler and just get the miles in. Well, I finished those 20 miles at an average pace of 9:15! That’s my fastest 20 miles ever…although I’m not sure it counts since I split it up. Oh well. 20 miles is 20 miles, if you ask me.

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t run a marathon since Route 66 about 6 weeks ago! That’s definitely not helping my confidence level as I get ready for Charleston on January 18th. Did I tell you guys I decided to do that one after all? Well, I did. I do not know yet what my strategy will be, but I probably will not try to break 4 hours. We’ll see how the spirit moves me.

This isn’t related to anything at all, but I recently learned that washing your towels, rugs, dog blankets, in the washer with vinegar and baking soda is the cure to all of life’s weird problems and smells. Run it through once with hot water and a cup of vinegar, then do the load again with hot water and half a cup of baking soda, and they smell as good as new – no mildew or must or anything! IT IS THE BEST. I think I have washed every single set of towels, sheets, blankets, etc in my house with this strategy in the past week.


Sorry, my blog posts aren’t normally such a hodgepodge of nonsense (I think) but I have a headache right now so YOLO.

Sorry for the YOLO.

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